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This was an entry for our scholarship competition from this year.

Halley Lewis: The benefits of social networking and society.

Nine years have passed since I have seen my best friend. She’s moved to Virginia, while

I stay on Oklahoma. When I turned ten years old, my parents would not have thought twice

about getting me on any social media networks, just to connect with a best friend. Phone calls

almost always connect, but sometimes it’s not enough. Hardly anyone writes letters any more.

We currently either update our Facebook status or tweet what we’ve been doing in our lives. But

when people get curious to see what old friends are up to, a lot can happen. They see pictures

from years before, bringing them back to the people in the picture, which brings them back to

wonder how they are currently doing, to looking them up on social networks. Social networking

has been revolutionized within the last 10 years, making it one of the most top forms of

communication today. It creates a ripple effect and ends up being a revolutionary way of

reconnecting with friends, old and new.


The use of social networking has skyrocketed within the last 10 years. We have gotten

the great media network by Mark Zuckerberg known as Facebook, linking anyone in the world to

people across the globe, creating groups of people in one place that have one thing in common,

the use and access to a smart phone or computer. By reaching out to people from Indiana, all the

way to Malaysia, it is one of the biggest networks to be a part of. Facebook is one of the biggest

forms of social networks, possibly ever, and it continues to grow and reach more users every

day. Many different choices that Facebook gives to their users to be able to express themselves is

a profile, which they can say anything about themselves, such as their political affiliations,

religious views, or favorite movies. It gives them the opportunity to express themselves, as well

as connecting them with people they know, or possibly don’t, who have the same best interests at

heart. It is an amazing opportunity to have, because Facebook grants their users the freedom they

need to express how they feel or what they are going through.


When someone hears something about a “tweet” it’s not generally in the same sentence

as a computer, or cell phone. The network of Twitter has skyrocketed in the past seven years,

linking over a billion people to one social media site, who have the opportunity to follow

celebrities, athletes, humorous profiles, and many more. It has given a short amount of room for

entertaining, but with so much potential, it can shape the media by storm. It is made to keep up

to date with the world, as well as give them an opportunity for entertainment. Musicians have

taken to Twitter to bring their name out into the industry, gaining much fame and notoriety, and

for many it’s been a major success. A simple 180 characters have the opportunity to inspire, or

bring laughter to many people. A simple two sentences can have the ability to brighten

someone’s day.


A new application on smart phones has been released, and its popularity is still going

strong, is Instagram. It’s an application created for only pictures, so their users can share their

individuality and creativity in the photographs that they take. It has gained fame and still brings

people to use it daily, by having their users create different hashtags that coincide with each day,

such as Transformation Tuesday, Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday, and so on. It is

revolutionizing the way that people take simple pictures, giving them the opportunity to show

their creation in the most unique ways. It becomes a social network, and a very popular one,

because it encourages their customers to inspire and create.


As much as I have attempted to speak positively about social networking and the positive

affect is has on society, there are always cons. When social networking is being used in a

harmful way, the affects can be catastrophic. For less harmful reasons, it has become a major

time burner. People have a tendency to catch themselves at work trying to keep up to date in

what is happening on Facebook, and not necessarily focusing on their job. With social

networking, it seems that a rise in cyber-bullying has grown. It can be applied to anyone, but to

adolescents generally, they can be the object in many cruel games if they are not careful about

what they read and talk about online, because there is a large chance that someone on the other

side of the screen is trying to bully them. Responsibility ties all of this in. It is so important for

parents to be aware of what is going on, in their child’s computer or phone. If they are talking to

someone that they shouldn’t be on social media sites, made to network a large variety of people,

there could be dire consequences. Social media isn’t intend to be made into a harmful mess, it’s

intent was to being people of many characters together that share many different values and



Social networks are made to bring people together that share the same values or would

like to be enlightened by other views. It is not intended to harm, but it’s also urged to be used by

responsible people. A man living in San Francisco that gets to see his mother once a year on

Christmas, should have the opportunity to not only write and talk on the phone, but to constantly

have the availability to see a picture, or see a status update on how is family is doing. People

have so many more opportunities to re-connect with people from their past, or in the future,

which is an amazing opportunity. Social networking is so important to our culture, not only

because it is being used constantly, every day, but because it is the link to bring people closer

together, by being miles apart.

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