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Cristian Ortiz: Social networking and society.

This was an entry for our scholarship competition this year.

Is social networking good or bad for society and why?

Social networking has been around for a quite a while and it has impacted peoples

lives on a daily basis. This is a huge form of communication whether it is Facebook,

Instagram, or Twitter, people use this form of social networking to either talk to a person

who they have not seen in years or maybe just to see what people are thinking. Aside

from the communication standpoint social networking is bad for society because its easier

to cyber bully, it portrays profanity, and it takes too much time in someone’s day when

they could be doing something more productive.


Teens in this day in age are very involved in social media and many of them don’t

use it wisely. Cyber Bullying Statistics state that “66% of teens who have witnessed

online cruelty have also witnessed others joining”. Those kids who cyber bully can get

into a lot of trouble with the authorities if this situation has been taken to the extreme.

Due to social networking kids are now able to bully others in an instant just by searching

their name, and because of this social media is bad for society in that it is a doorway to

intentionally hurt others emotionally. This makes our society bad because it just comes to

show that people ultimately don’t care about one another due to the horrific actions taken

place on social media.


Social networking allows people to post a status, quote, or picture and because of

this, people post things that are not appropriate for every age to encounter. CNN News

says that “ Facebook links about sex are shared 90% more than average”. Since Facebook

and other social media is open for anyone to make an account, the younger generation is

open to see all these things. Social media was never meant for children under the age of

18 but because of the easy settings they are kids could easily lie and say they are 18 or

even older. The things that are posted may no be bad if that person is of age but for the

younger generation it is not appropriate because then they think that at their generation

they can do whatever they want therefore, causing defiance not only in their household

but in their community as well. Social media has proven to be bad for society because

kids at a young age see things that they are not supposed to see.


Lastly when studying or just doing homework for school social media gets in the

way because of all the features, such as posting pictures, commenting, or communicating

and this distracts people from doing their work. The article of Social Media Networks are

Distracting Students states, “They usually say ‘give me 5 minutes to check my Facebook’.

The 5 minutes turns into 20 minutes and that turns into 40”. Students are inclined to see

what’s new on social media and this distracts them from the task at hand because they do

not get their work done in a timely manner. This can cause a student to then stop doing

their work and take a break longer than usual. When a test comes around the student then

would have to cram for that test because of all the distractions therefore, causing them to

fail. Social media can distract a student, and eventually lead them to failure, which makes

this bad for society because it makes students lazy and more inclined to be involved in

social media rather than doing their work.


In conclusion social media has many things that make it bad for society such as

cyber bullying, profanity, and causing distractions. What these things do is only create

problems to the younger generation and so forth because they are ultimately the ones that

are caught in the social media circle.

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