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An Advantage of Being a Google Partner

I just wanted to thank our Google Team once again for allowing us to bring our clients to the Google Office in New York.  It’s very impressive to have the influence of the Google marketers behind us while we give our presentation to the prospective client.  As a Google partner we have the opportunity to take potential clients to Google NYC for in depth meetings to discuss digital marketing with the experts from Google who will tailor the conversation and provide industry marketing statistics.  We also enjoyed lunch in the awesome cafeteria and held our meeting in an appropriately named conference room called “Snow-Pocalypse” outfitted with bean bag snowballs!  So thanks once again to our Google team:  Emily, Ann, Ashley, and Ben!

Boomtown visits Google in NYC
As a Google Partner, Boomtown was able to take clients to the NYC Google office across from Chelsea Market.
Waiting for our clients before our meeting with Google in Chelsea Market
There was not much snow after the non-blizzard, and Chelsea Market was still busy.
Walking through Chelsea Market before our Google Meeting
The bustle of NYC and the gourmet fragrances in Chelsea Market are right underneath the Google building!
Amazing smells from the meat market across from the spice shop in Chelsea Market
We certainly went into our lunch meeting hungry!