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Adwords Billing Transparency in PPC

Adwords Billing Transparency in PPC Campaigns

The power of paid online marketing via PPC campaigns generally and Adwords specifically to deliver customers has been proven time and again for small businesses everywhere. Here at Boomtown, we judge the power of our PPC campaigns in the same way that you do: on the transparency as well as the efficacy of the process. That is why the recent Google third party policy updates are just business as usual for us and each of our business clients that partner with us on their PPC campaign.

While Google is just now getting around to requiring transparency requirements for divulging upfront third party management fees, this has always been a part of our partnership process with our business clients. One of the most important aspects to PPC campaigns using Adwords (besides the customer conversions) is the ability for the business to monitor and control their costs.


Our goal is to always deliver the results that businesses seek from their campaigns. Consequently, our policy has always been to thoroughly discuss the process as well as informing the client of all costs associated with initializing and maintaining a successful campaign.

That means letting them know up front about our one-time setup fee, monthly management fee, and what that is actually paying for. We understand that it is in the client’s as well as our best interest to be fully transparent about the process and the specific costs. That way as partners, we can have a common view of campaign expectations at every stage.

The same is true of the second transparency policy update from Google. This requires third parties that set up and run the campaigns to provide their customers with the customer IDs for their AdWords or AdWords Express accounts when requested. The fact that they had to make this a rule shows that there are Web marketing firms that do not have the customer’s best interest at heart. It also reveals how this level of transparency was built into our PPC campaign process from the very beginning.


While we have always made sure that our business clients know that we have provided them with direct access to their accounts, not a single client has requested their ID. We believe the reason for that record is because we make sure that clients see and understand every step that we will take and why, so there is an earned level of trust that goes beyond other Web marketing firms.

Transparency is more than a buzzword when it comes to Web marketing practices. It starts with making sure that our clients fully understand each aspect of building a successful PPC campaign. It continues with constantly staying on top of Google policies so that we can maintain our quality reputation and also ensure that by extension, your business’s reputation with Google is always exemplary.

Transparency ends with a clear view of your business’s level of control over what we do and how we do it. That is the only way to ensure that you see that the conversion of Adwords clicks to customers is not some random occurrence—it is a calculated, repeatable outcome that can continually enrich your bottom line at an affordable cost.