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Boomtown Q&A: Megan Kelly

Boomtown Keyword Q&A: Megan Kelly

When does it make sense to spend money on social media?

 The answer to this question, to put it simply, is always. Social media is just like any other marketing channel. You need to invest the right amount of time and money into creating content to engage and connect with the right audiences. Times when it makes even more sense to spend money on social media is when you want to build brand awareness or when you’re running a campaign. During these times boosting posts and running ads cause help you reach the most amount of people possible.


What are the short and long term benefits for running a social media campaign?

The short-term benefits of social media are bringing more people to visit your site and into the conversion funnel, sharing content and gaining visibility to those who have never heard of your company before.

The long-term benefits of social media campaigns are social media is a great way to draw people into your brand and create loyalty.