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Google’s Self-Driving Cars Hit The Roads

Self Driving Cars

As promised, the prototypes of Google’s self-driving cars have left the test track and officially hit the streets in northern California. Cruising at maximum speed of 25 mph, with no steering wheel or gas pedal, the future of cars is legal and happening now. Have no fear; these technologically advanced prototypes are still under testing. Therefore, every vehicle will have a human inside monitoring the ride. With a track record of 12 accidents in over 1.8 million miles, Google self-driving cars are proving to have to capability to rethink, and quite possibly reposition, the purpose of cars in our daily lives.

In typical Google fashion, they are pushing the limits of technology. Recently announced, Google is offering local artists the opportunity to have their work featured on the doors of the prototype cars. California residents, ages 13 and older, have the chance to “Paint the Town” with their artwork in the fall. We can’t help but question, if this is only the beginning?  By featuring artwork on Google’s self-driving cars, are they preparing the way for advancements in out of home advertising?  For now, we must remain patient as Google continues to test the limits.

 Google Self-Driving Car