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Healthcare PPC: A Tried and True Medical Marketing Effort

Practically every doctor, hospital, medical provider, or medical organization has some type of web presence to share information and acquire new patients. In this highly competitive field, it’s tremendously important to obtain a top position in the search engines and stay there.

The Internet has become the most commonly used source for medical information, whether it is to find a doctor, research prescription drugs, or donate to an organization. Consumers now have the ability to access medical information from home, work, and mobile devices at any given time. Therefore, you want to be visible as a trusted source on all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. While SEO and organic marketing strategies are highly effective, they take time to substantiate results. Healthcare PPC (pay-per-click) advertising in conjunction with SEO can round out a complete Internet marketing plan with quicker results.

Healthcare PPC first allows you to choose the keyword phrases you’d like to focus on for your organization. Extensive keyword research is performed by your PPC company to determine the phrases with the highest ROI. Afterwards, you can choose how often you’d like the ad to appear based on your budget. Select from daily, weekly, or monthly placements. Your PPC company will be able to manage and closely monitor the budgets for these placements.

Hence the name pay-per-click, you will pay only for each click on your ad placement. Certain keyword phrases are more expensive than others, so a Healthcare PPC company can help you determine which phrases are the most valuable according to your budget. You can choose different day parts or even seasons to display your ad when search for that phrase is highest.

Besides emergency situations, most individuals seeking medical care will first research the subject online to make an informed decision. With the high cost of medical procedures, you cannot afford to lose any business to competition. Having a higher search engine rank through Healthcare PPC and SEO combined will increase your visibility and direct more traffic to your site. In addition, visitors will be more likely to recommend your services to friends or family members.