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Philadelphia Internet Marketing: Boomtown Webinar July 2013

Thanks for joining us for the first in a series of Q&A webinars from Boomtown Internet Group. Being a Philadelphia Internet Marketing company, we get asked a wide range of questions from clients on a daily basis. But unlike other industries, our frequently asked questions are always changing and evolving, meaning that writing something down may not always be the simplest way to answer the question.

With that in mind, we compiled some of the questions we felt were most beneficial, and took to a Google+ Hangout to make it happen:

Here are the FAQs that we’re answering:

Andrew Lazaunikas: “Should I Optimize for the Plural or Singular Form of My Keyword Phrases?
Start: 00:00:35

Stephanie Aiello: “Why Do Many Top Listed Pages Have No Content?”
Start: 00:03:40

Jill Caren: “How to Keep Rank After a Redesign”
Start: 00:09:25

Erica Ronchetti: “Should I Buy Numerous Keyword Rich Domains?”
Start: 00:10:43

Priyo Mukherjee: “How To Minimize Traffic Loss After a Domain Name Change?”
Start: 00:19:08

Kristin Kovalick: “What is Conversion Tracking and Should I Use it for My Paid Ads?”
Start: 00:23:50

Sue McCrossin: “The Main Factors in Ranking on Google as of June 2013”
Start: 00:27:25

Brian Donohue: “How Do You Find the Best Keywords to Focus Upon?”
Start: 00:35:35

Do you have a question that you would like answered for our next webinar? Post it below in the comments section and we’ll try our best to get your question on air! Thanks for watching and keep a look out for the next Philadelphia Internet Marketing Webinar from Boomtown Internet Group.