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kristin mccrossin Graphic Design Manager

Q&A: What is Brand Consistency?

The Difference Between a Good Brand and a Great Brand is consistency.

A good brand is built over time and requires thought, strategy, and consistent implementation. But you don’t just want a good brand, you want a great one!

That all comes from being constant.

  • Consistency helps you manage perceptions
  • Conveys your outlook, attitude, professionalism, purpose, stability, protects your investment and builds upon previous successes
  • Remember your brand is not for everyone
    • It’s intended to be effective with only a specific segment of people who value what your organization does

Some beneficial tips to help maintain brand consistency within your company:

  • Don’t view “consistency” as “boring”
    • Consistency gives you the ability to creativity market your brand and get results with actual impact
  • Create a “Branding Guide” that depicts how your logo, tagline, colors, images, fonts, etc. will be implemented throughout your company
    • Go through the Branding Guide with your entire team and provide them with PDF and printed versions of the guide to reference as needed as well as access to all the logo file types
  • Hold the rule breakers accountable and re-train if necessary
    • Make some team members the “brand police” who flag down offenders and keep consistency with the Branding Guide

Remember, for a brand to be successful, consistency is key.

When something works together well, it’s almost unnoticeable. However, when something doesn’t work, everyone can tell. Your brand works the same way. Value how it represents your organization, create a plan to keep it consistent and incisive, and protect it. It’s yours.