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Q&A: Why are Local Listings Important?

When I get a new SEO campaign for a new SEO client, one of the first things I do is try to claim and optimize their local listings. And a lot of times, clients will come back to me with questions, like “Why do you care about my local listings? I want to sell my product nationally or internationally, and the people that are up the street really aren’t going to do much for me.

Well, local listings are actually the solid foundation to a successful SEO campaign. It’s important to let Google know exactly where your business is located, how people can get in touch with you, what website is associated with your business, and that way people can find you more easily.

Google is really concerned about making sure that every search is met with the best results that they can possibly give their users, so they want to make sure that your business is exactly what those people are looking for. Also, Google gives people the ability to rate your business, both on Google+ and on Yelp, and the more Google can tell that those positive ratings are associated with this website and this business, then they’re going to rank that website more highly because they know that people are having a really positive experience with it, and with that business.

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