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Jenna Steven- Boomtown Keyword

Q&A: What is a Quality Score and How Do You Increase It?



Quality scores a number that is given to each keyword to determine how healthy or relevant your keywords, ads and landing pages are to the user experience. The more relevant your landing pages are to the user, the more likely it is you’ll see higher quality scores. High quality scores can lead to lower cost per click and better ad positions. The components of quality score, such as expected click through rate, ad relevance and landing page experience, are determined every time your keyword matches a customer’s search. To improve quality score, you can start pausing or deleting poorly performing keywords. Also, try different match types and then change ads to include keywords in the ad headline and the ad text. You can improve keyword relevancy by adding in negative keywords to eliminate irrelevant impressions. High impressions and low click through rates will damage quality score. The landing page also contributes to quality score, how relevant it is to search queries, ease of navigation and the transparency of the page is all taken into consideration. If an accounts click through rate begins to improve and performs above the average, the quality score will rise.  
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