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How To Have A Successful Company Holiday Party In 2012

We are fortunate enough to be one of the fastest growing companies in Philadelphia, headed by one of Philadelphia Business Journal’s Top 50 Business Women, Sue McCrossin. This December, Boomtown celebrated its good fortune with a dinner party for the whole Boomtown team at the French Creek Golf Club. Pulling up to the estate was reminiscent of the grounds in Skyfall, and with lavish dining and an amazing and active bar inside, the Boomtown team happily began hugging and reminsicing about the great year we’ve had together.

We wish the best for all our clients this holiday season and look forward to a great 2013 together!


1. A location suited for a special occasion. Guests should feel like this is a treat, not a meeting.

2. Anything with crab usually goes over well.

3. A quick speech from the boss will bring everyone together and make employees feel appreciated and even more part of something special.

4. For an open bar, encourage guests to enjoy themselves, but keep your eye on the ones who order anything with an umbrella.

5. Start at least one group activity such as introducing employee’s significant others or going around and mentioning one thing they’d like to do for the company in 2013.

6. Wrap up the night with a company portrait. After all, a great company is like a family: a bunch of very differnt people brought together by something special.