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Using Klout to Benefit Your Brand

You have a Klout score and so does everyone in the social media world. Whether you just have Facebook and Twitter or just Facebook, signing up with Klout takes your social media data and gives a percentage of points to you depending on your interactions. The more you interact online and the more websites you have, the greater your Klout score will be. There are some Internet lovers who even have a bigger Klout score than some celebrities. (Mine is 10 points higher than Virgin Mobile!)

Just by signing into you can find out how many comments, likes and interactions others have made with you in the past 90 days. They then calculate your influence and influence others have given you to calculate your final score on a scale of 1-100 points. If you’re a social media nerd like myself, seeing your number go up gets exciting.

Klout will analyze your score and how you’ve gotten there; the higher your number, the more your content is being seen. If you post content regularly, it’s easy to keep track of how many people are seeing it, interacting with it and how much you need to work on getting it seen more. This comes in handy if you run any sort of blog.


Klout also gives you achievements for certain points, certain days and certain activities that are logged from you accounts. (It’s a bit like Foursquare, except you don’t have to check in anywhere and there’s way more to find out.) Even if you have a low score, you can earn perks through Klout. By clicking on the perks page ( after you’ve established a score, it will tell you how many prizes you’re eligible for.


Klout will even log which topics are frequent amongst you and your influencers (followers and friends). For example, if you’re a music reviewing company and it turns out that your most frequent topic amongst your “followers” is food, then you might want to post different content to adhere to a different crowd. If not, you’re your content will just end up as another one in the pile. A tip for tweeters: try following people that are interested in the content you post. Search keyword hash tags to find these people, follow & interact with them! Continue to do this and watch your Klout score rise.


You don’t have to do a thing on to make your score go up, simply interact as normal on any of your social media websites and check back periodically to see if it’s changed at all!  If you’re a small company, this website may be of a huge advantage towards you. Let’s face it; social media is rapidly growing as a hub for most businesses. You can see if your content is getting across to the right people. You can find this out by clicking on your most influential topics and see if your targeted demographic is listening!


Happy interacting!