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Vine, Twitter’s New Video Sharing

Vine: Using Twitter’s New Video Sharing

Human advancement of late seems to be continuously used for porn. The case is no different for Twitter’s new video-sharing service, Vine, a would-be trending topic on all Internet marketing blogs and would have probably spurred various tutorials, webinars and even some eBooks for those looking to learn “How To Brand Your Company On Vine” or “Using Vine For B2B.” However, the blogs didn’t report much until they realized that Vine wasn’t growing in popularity among the G+ set, and they are now reporting something very different.


Twitter bought Vine back in October, when it was “a three-man company, based in New York, which formed in June.” ( reported back in October that the total investment was around $1 million).Vine is an iOS app that captures motion and sound and lets users post videos that are 6 seconds or less; Tweetable MP4 files! According to Twitter’s blog, it was hoping to “inspire creativity.” Well as we’ve learned with MySpace and even SnapChat, technological advancement simply means a more creative way to sext.


So what will become of Twitter’s investment? Well if Vine is available in the iTunes app store, it has to adhere to Apple’s strict guidelines. Twitter may be censor-free, but their new service will quickly die before it even began.


Vine is competing with other similar video services like Viddy, Keek and Tout. Download Vine here!