Google Shopping Feed Management

Google Products optimization, also known as Google Shopping search optimization, is a process that helps products listed in Google’s Merchant Center get higher placement in Google Shopping results.

What is Google Product Search?

shopping_cartGoogle first created “Froogle” to help shoppers find products based on price. Since then, Product Search has been renamed to “Google Shopping”, and has been revamped so searchers can quickly and easily find and sort through products on the web. There are multiple advantages for sellers who choose to display their products in Google’s Product Search.

Google Shopping results show up on the first page of Google search, usually close to the top of the page. In addition, Google has added shopping results to the left navigation bar. Greater visibility means more clicks, and with millions of people searching for products on Google every day, listing your products on Google Shopping provides greater visibility. Unlike other online shopping directories, listing your products on Google Shopping is free.

The Google Merchant Center allows the merchant total control over information about the products. Merchants have the ability to maintain fresh, relevant information on the products that shoppers are searching for. If the merchant also runs Google Adwords, the Google Shopping products will be attached to the Adwords campaign. If the merchant is part of the Google Affiliate Network, products may show up on the right column of the Sponsored Links section.

Boomtown Can Assist With Shopping Feed Management

The first thing required is an account with Google Merchant center. It’s important to make sure that the feed from the merchant’s shopping cart is correctly and automatically updating the Merchant Center. Feeds that are updated more often are deemed to be fresher (even if the products have not changed since the last update) and are thus ranked a bit higher in the listings.

Optimizing the Products

The plan for optimizing Google Product listings is unique to each industry because different categories of products have different attributes—Boomtown can assist in this process.

Google recommends that all products include the following attributes: Title, Description, URL, Address, Contact information, Display Preferences, Tax and Shipping, Condition, and ID. The title and description fields can be optimized to include search phrases. In addition, it is helpful to connect the Google AdWords account with the Merchant Center (that is, if the merchant has an AdWords account). It is also helpful to set up Google Checkout (a convenient way for consumers to pay using a user ID and password) if this can be incorporated into the merchant’s cart as well.

There are several fields that can help optimize a product, including all of the fields that can be sorted, such as brand, price, product type, ISBN or MPN, and UPC.

UTM tags can be added to each product URL so that they can be tracked in Analytics. With a combination of analysis of the Google Merchant Center and Google Analytics, it is possible to test and experiment with additional attributes to improve product listing rankings. For more information about our Google Product Data Feed optimization, give us a call today!