Squirrelcart: Customization and Theme Integration

We’ve found Squirrelcart to be one of the best open source eCommerce shopping carts available. Our clients love Squirrelcart because it’s easy to customize requirements and very affordable. We’re happy to provide Squirrelcart theme integration. Our experience in HTML and CSS enable us to modify themes, color, display, and shopping cart design to your liking.

Customization and Theme Integration

Boomtown Internet Group provides Squirrelcart customization to companies in the Philadelphia area and more. Squirrelcart is an easy-to-install PHP shopping cart designed with ultimate customization in mind. Squirrelcart PHP shopping cart software is exceptional in that it’s designed for both the advanced developer and web novice. Novices appreciate the ease of use, while developers with strong HTML knowledge can customize Squirrelcart to look, feel, and work the exact way online merchants would prefer.

You have the ability to customize and control almost every element of the cart via template files including product display, category, account page, and more. However, the level of customization one can achieve with Squirrelcart depends on familiarity and skill level with HTML and CSS. Web designers can change the appearance of just about everything in Squirrelcart through the template files. But novices can still customize quite a bit of their online storefront via the easy CMS features by altering theme settings. Users can control a variety of features like shipping rates and discounts, and can specify any rule necessary to target particular locations, previous customers – really as many as conditions as you’d like.

How Does Squirrelcart Benefit eCommerce Merchants and Our Clients?

From a price perspective, we recommend Squirrelcart because it is on the lower pricing end than the majority of comparable carts. We love Squirrelcart for the control panel’s ease of use for both web developers and clients. Merchants who use other online carts find Squirrelcart software easier to use and customize. Simple administration of Squirrelcart is great, especially for clients who don’t wish to spend a lot of time updating and adding products. Using Squirrelcart, clients are able to copy, amend, and easily add products saving a lot of time.

Boomtown Squirrelcart Services

We offer Squirrelcart customization in Philadelphia, and our clients appreciate the ease of customization for cart requirements. It’s also an easy cart to deploy – Squirrelcart can be up and running, receiving payments in a few days. Web developers can manage more complicated customizations, but clients themselves can get the cart up and running.

Squirrelcart is always improving the cart, adding new features, and making customization easier and less time consuming without cart upkeep and administration complications Learn more about Squirrelcart theme integration and Squirrelcart customization in Philadelphia. We’re happy to provide more information, or answer any questions you may have.