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Website Video Production And Small Business Video Production

Boomtown Internet Group Video Marketing Services

Videos have click through rates that are 4 times that of images, making them a highly effective marketing tool. Small business video production and video marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your website.

We offer a variety of video styles and lengths for your web, mobile and social media campaign.

Benefits of Video Marketing:

  • Download a PDF Outlining the Benefits of Video Marketing
  • Be able to track statistics of where and who your video reaches
  • Be able to track where your audience lost interest in each video
  • Be able to utilize different media to keep viewers’ attention
  • Be able to monetize your content to earn money depending on views
  • Be able to easily share content
  • Be able to easily interact with your audience and obtain feedback
  • Users on YouTube spend a total of 2.9 billion hours per month watching videos
  • Download a PDF Outlining the Benefits of Video Marketing

Website Video Production Gives Your Business a Competitive Edge

Video ads are the most effective way to capture the attention of your online audience and prompt your viewers to take action. Online videos reinforce your company’s message while highlighting features, advantages, and benefits of your business, products, and services.

We know that adding a video to your home page, or uploading videos to websites, can result in an increase in visitor traffic, and usually increase revenue. With videos now showing up in Google’s results along with images, news, and local maps, it’s a great opportunity for your business to advertise and promote your services even more effectively and accessibly.

Video Marketing Can Help Your Audience Find You on the Web

video2Many large companies already use corporate videos for online promotion and marketing. But smaller companies usually don’t choose to advertise by video, or take advantage of website video production, since it is often expensive and requires additional resources. Boomtown Internet Group brings to you our web marketing talent and experience in creating excellent quality marketing videos that are affordable and perfectly suitable to the web.

Boomtown Internet Group video marketing experts manage the development and small business video production process of your video to ensure the end result is professional. Our website video production services are specialized for the audience on the web. We understand the web and web users, and can effectively target and appeal to the individuals you want to reach. We’ve got the web marketing experience to work with you to create short videos that will add credibility to your website, services, and business. Boomtown video marketing services work with a wide range of businesses and industries to develop different video styles that are appropriate for your company and appealing to web users. We’ll work with you to develop a script that effectively markets your company, services, or brand, and a professional video team will come to your location to shoot the video.

Let Boomtown be Your Dedicated Producer

Within 48 hours of completing the online questionnaire, a producer will be assigned to your video. They will be responsible for managing all the logistics of your shoot, and will handle every detail of the video creation process from start to finish.

Day of the Shoot

The videographer will arrive at the scheduled time and place, and guide you through the process.

Approve and Download Your Video

Your personal video production portal has a private screening room for you to review and provide feedback on your video. Once you approve the video, it will be available for download immediately.

Contact a Boomtown representative to learn more about our video production services. We’re happy to work with you to develop the creative solution for your online marketing needs.