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How can Google be used to raise awareness for a brand new website?


It’s easy to assume that just by putting up a new website, your online audience will “naturally” find you.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.  No matter how cool your website is or how good your company’s products or services, chances are visitors will not find your website naturally in the search results.  With some knowledge and planning, you’ll be able to effectively promote your new website better than the majority of other small business owners.  This blog post provides tips for promoting a new business website, including optimization and free ways to get publicity.

Promoting a new website with SEO is a crucial part of search engine optimization and internet marketing strategy.  It can be very difficult to kick start the process of getting traffic to your site.  You’ll need to take measures to get your new website indexed by Google before beginning promotion.

The Basics:  Taking the Time to Organize Your Content

The first step to introducing your new website to Google is to set up content efficiently so Google can place your website pages and content high in the SERPs.  Arrange all web content logically and with respect to the keyword phrases you’ve chosen to optimize for.  Each webpage should be associated with a particular keyword category, and content posts and articles should be categorized by appropriate keyword phrases under the main category.  Keep in mind your home page should include the major keyword phrase you’d like to rank for and represent the rest of your website.  Taking the time to structure out pages and content makes it easier for Google to read and display your site—each page also has the ability to rank for it’s own unique keyword phrase.

Rules to Stick To:  Creating Content for New Websites

  • Each webpage must be able to stand on its own—this means you’ll need to optimize each page for only one or two specific keyword phrases.
  • Do not optimize two pages for the same keyword phrase.
  • Do not place the same content on more than one page—this creates the issue of duplicate content, which Google penalizes for.

You’ll also need to check scripting on your website pages.  Some scripts won’t allow Google bots or other search engine bots to read them.  Make sure that search engines have no trouble reading and accounting for any of your web pages.  In some instances, JavaScript navigation structures do cause complications with the search engine spiders—Flash is also an issue.  Use search engine simulators to crawl your site and prevent future problems.

Using Google to Promote Your New Site

Now that you’ve optimized your website and content for Google, you can begin actively using Google to drive traffic to your new site.

You can first submit your site to all major search engines.  The majority of search engines have a particular page you can utilize to submit your site to.  Once submitted, you’ll be able to start showing up in keyword searches within a few days or a week.

Start a blog. No matter what industry you’re in, you can regularly write articles to help others.  This kind of content usually gets indexed shortly (within 24 hours), and if compelling, other website owners will link back to you.  Writing quality is important and if done right, you’ll start seeing many visitors.

Join forums. Find and join forums specific to your industry and start answering people’s questions.  Think about how you can demonstrate value by helping others, instead of you want from them.  If you’re able to do this, you will get long term benefits of taking the time to establish yourself as an industry expert.

Social media. Join social networking and social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace.  Register for an account and put up some basic information including your business name and links to relevant products and services.  When you can, include other relevant contents.  If you spend 15 minutes a day updating and networking via social media, you’ll see some results in a month or so.  Social media is also a great way to create brand value for products and services, and a good way to get you directly connected with your target audience.

Submit your website to directories. There are lists or directories that share website content, many of which are free.  If you can find these sites, get yourself listed by communicating with the people who run the list, or the site webmaster.

Creating press releases. These should introduce people to your new website (and also new services/products, acquisitions, etc…)  It’s a very good way to get people to visit a site when looking for related services or products, and build your brand name as an authority in the field.

Contact a SEO company to help get quality back links to promote your site.  There are ways to get back links for free—here are some techniques that we’ve found effective:

Blog commenting

Forum posting

Joining online groups

Social bookmarking

Article and directory submission






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