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Actualizing Your Vision Through Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a tried and true method of growing a business. Unlike past marketing methods, digital marketing draws prospective customers to you. We look at where your business is now and where you want it to be, and then we create a strategy to get it there.

SEO Services

We conduct a keyword analysis to determine what terms people are using to find your products or services. Then, we optimize your webpages with these keywords. Other SEO Services include Google penalty prevention and recovery, analytics, local SEO, and more.

Paid Search Advertising

With Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, we can develop ads that will increase your business’s visibility across the web by displaying it on social media sites, shopping lists, and more. Paid Search Advertising includes phone tracking and remarketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Through analysis, we identify the social media channels your target audiences use the most. We develop and implement strategies customized to the channels that will encourage prospects and existing customers to interact with your business.

Affiliate Marketing

Should you choose affiliate marketing services, we can help you establish and manage affiliate programs external to your shopping cart or through your own website.

Email Marketing

For better marketing ROI, an email marketing campaign can easily and affordably communicate your message to subscribers. We can produce content-rich emails to drive leads to your website.

Content Marketing

Strong, high-quality, and unique content will attract your audience to your site and keep them there. This includes your service and product pages as well as interesting and informative blog articles.

Online Branding

We can help you solidify your status within your market and industry through branding services. We can help reinforce your company’s identity, provide opportunities for customers to connect with your brand, and create meaningful customer experiences.

Digital Marketing Consulting

A digital marketing strategy is necessary for online competition. Our consulting services will provide your company with effective guidance in creating and implementing strategies for a variety of marketing techniques.

Healthcare Marketing

As more patients are turning to the internet to answer their medical questions and evaluate healthcare providers, Healthcare companies need to start investing in digital marketing to grow. Boomtown offers SEO, Reputation Management, Content Marketing, and more services tailored specifically to Healthcare.

Web Analytics

Making decisions based on web analytics data and trends allows for successful, efficient deployment of new marketing tactics, as well as the ability to report, compare and test their validity. We employ Google Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager, where our entire team is certified and proficient.

Mobile Marketing

Get your business in front of customers on smartphones and tablets using text & multimedia messaging targeted by geolocation. Send coupons, discounts, & announcements to loyal customers. Make email & web marketing “mobile-first” to have your message go where ever your customers go. Use mobile marketing to influence both walk-in & e-commerce customer purchases.

Local Marketing

Customers now search the web and use mobile devices as often as they do desktop devices, especially to search local products and services. Appearing in local search results depends on consistent local business citations, SEO marketing, geographically relevant content, strong reviews, and local link referrals.

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing Services

Our basic goals for any business are to drive people to your site, convert them to customers, and finally, turn those customers into advocates for your brand. Step-by-step, we accomplish these goals by employing a combination of tactics such as writing unique, valuable content, sharing engaging social media posts, and developing email marketing campaigns among others.

We know from experience (and common sense) that not all digital marketing methods are appropriate for all businesses. The plans we create are therefore highly customized to your products and/or services, demographics, and goals with respect to your budget.

Marketing Strategy
Traffic Analytics

Increasing Your Visibility

There are many directions we can take to increase your brand’s visibility to bring in customers. Our initial phase of developing your digital marketing strategy will include an in-depth discussion of your business. This information-gathering phase will enable us to make the most appropriate recommendation for which types of digital marketing will help you reach your goal cost-effectively.

With Digital Marketing, Your Customers Come to You.

Businesses in almost any industry can benefit from supplementing their current marketing investments with digital marketing. B2B and B2C companies alike can use valuable content like blog articles, social media ads, newsletters, and more to increase the appeal of their brands to their audiences.

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