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Grow Your Healthcare Business with Patient Centered Marketing Strategies

Pharmaceutical companies, medical practices, medical supply companies and medical equipment companies now have to devote time and capital to medical marketing.  Patients want to become more informed and take control of their medical choices.  Boomtown Internet group can help you your medical business grow your patient base, convert visitors to your website into clients, and retain the clients you already have.

It all starts with your medical website.

In a digital world where information is at a patient’s fingertips 24/7, medical marketing begins with your website.  Your brand should be reflected there, and all your digital assets should compliment and lead patients to your website. It should be a site that is very user friendly on any kind of device, and it should show up in search for terms that describe your practices, services and products. Boomtown builds custom WordPress, Woo, and Magento websites that serve as the foundation for all of your medical digital marketing campaigns.

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What Digital Marketing Should Medical Businesses Be Using?

No two medical businesses are alike.  Every brand should be different and thus there is no cookie cutter marketing strategy for all medical business to follow. That said, there are proven methods that work, and in many practices that includes a solid local digital marketing strategy which includes paid ads, SEO, social media and reputation management.

Data Driven Medical Digital Marketing Strategies

There is no guesswork involved in our digital marketing strategies. We use hard data from your own website and industry data available to make practical informed decisions about your marketing spend, concentration and content.  Combined with our expertise, this data driven approach lets you quickly assess whether a marketing idea will get results. We work with you to identify key performance factors for each marketing investment that will result in more traffic to your website, increased leads and a lower cost per lead.

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Why your US Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency Should Understand GDPR and CCPA

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect in Europe on May 25, 2018 and was designed to improve privacy rights by allowing internet users to specify how data and information collected online is shared about them. GDPR directly affects healthcare facilities, medical device makers, pharmaceutical companies and other medical companies that use digital marketing, especially when people visiting their websites may be located in Europe.  Healthcare companies in the US should consider GDPR a wake up call in the consumer’s quest for privacy.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will go into effect January 1, 2020 and begin being enforced around July 1, 2020. This act is also designed to let people see the kind of data about them that companies are collecting, why they are collecting it and how they are sharing it.

As more privacy legislation is approved and enforced, healthcare digital marketing companies will have to become more cognizant about people’s privacy and begin getting consent before collecting personal data.  For instance a pre-checked “sign up for our newsletter” box will no longer be acceptable.  Also under scrutiny is social media marketing on sites like Facebook. Additionally email marketing needs to be done with HIPAA in mind as well as privacy and data transparency. A digital marketing agency that understands best practices can prepare you for regulations that appear to be on the horizon and will affect healthcare and medical companies.

Digital marketing services for healthcare and medial companies include search optimization or (SEO), paid advertising (PPC), email marketing, affiliate marketing, and possibly social media where appropriate. Boomtown Internet Group has experience in all aspects of healthcare and medical digital marketing.