eCommerce Website Design and Development

Our eCommerce carts scale with your business, so whether you need a template design or custom eCommerce platform, Boomtown offers support, design and development services.  Our office is conveniently located near Philadelphia, and our programmers all have degrees in computer science fields and years of experience.

eCommerce websites keeps track of the user’s order while they are shopping. When shoppers are ready to pay, the SLL securely sends the information to the payment gateway. The credit card is verified for the amount charged, and the funds are transferred to the merchant’s account. All of these components must work together to process credit card transactions online.

Types of eCommerce Websites

Before designing a custom eCommerce website, it’s important as a business owner to decide how you are going to process orders and accept payments.

shopping_cartProcessing orders:

  • Simple non-secure order form sent to your email
  • Secure order form sent to your email
  • Shopping cart system with database
  • Using a 3rd party shopping cart service like PayPal

Accepting Payments:

  • Checks, CODs and bank drafts
  • Manual credit card processing
  • Real time credit card authorizations
  • 3rd party merchant account like PayPal

Depending on your final decision, you may need different tools to set up your Order Processing and Payment System.

Anyone with a retail business, especially manufacturers with niche markets, and service businesses that are not geographically based can benefit from eCommerce.

eCommerce Website Design Tricks of the Trade:

eCommerce barriers to take into consideration – on-hand cash, ability to process volume transactions quickly, and shipping considerations.

Timeline for seeing profits – this depends on marketing efforts and profits from product sales. Some businesses see profit the first month whereas others can take many months, or even a year or more.

Suggestions for driving traffic to an eCommerce site – technically sound SEO such as the use of canonical tags and search friendly URLs and product images, use of paid ads on search engines and social networks, utilize email marketing, blogs and forums to promote your site.

*It’s never advisable to send personal information, private information, or a credit card numbers by email.

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