eCommerce Web Design Services

Are you searching for professional eCommerce web development at a cost-effective price? At Boomtown Internet Group, we provide excellent eCommerce web design services to meet your business’s goals. E-commerce websites need to be flawless, easy to operate and secure. Our web developers are highly skilled and use cutting edge technology to deliver secure, easy to navigate and search engine friendly shopping websites. We also provide customized eCommerce platforms, plugins and module solutions. We do eCommerce web design right!

We also happen to be experts at digital marketing and our research-driven strategy drive online revenue results.

Types of eCommerce Websites

Before designing a custom eCommerce website, it’s important as a business owner to decide how you are going to process orders and accept payments.

Processing orders:

  • Simple non-secure order form sent to your email
  • Secure order form sent to your email
  • Shopping cart system with a database
  • Using a 3rd party shopping cart service like PayPal

Accepting Payments:

  • Checks, CODs, and bank drafts
  • Manual credit card processing
  • Real-time credit card authorizations
  • 3rd party merchant account like PayPal

Depending on your final decision, you may need custom e-commerce web design services or different tools to set up your Order Processing and Payment System.

Anyone with a retail business, especially manufacturers with niche markets, and service businesses that are not geographically based can benefit from eCommerce.

eCommerce Website Design Tricks of the Trade:

  1. eCommerce barriers to take into consideration – on-hand cash, ability to process volume transactions quickly, and shipping considerations.
  2. Timeline for seeing profits – this depends on marketing efforts and profits from product sales. Some businesses see profit in the first month whereas others can take many months, or even a year or more.
  3. Suggestions for driving traffic to an eCommerce site – technically sound SEO such as the use of canonical tags and search friendly URLs and product images, use of paid ads on search engines and social networks, utilize email marketing, blogs and forums to promote your site.

*It’s never advisable to send personal information, private information, or a credit card number by email.

To discuss custom eCommerce web design services and a solution for your business, contact us today or visit our Philadelphia office.

Our eCommerce web designs are clean, simple and produce a fast shopping experience – and we strive to work with Google’s newest Web Vitals Guidelines.

More than any other type of website, an e-commerce website design needs to take into account easy navigation, excellent internal search, flawless checkout process, and a secure process. To accomplish this we start by analyzing industry data and a history of data on your domain in order to accurately identify your ideal audience and necessary functionality.

We often recommend either Magento or Woo Commerce for our ecommerce because of their user-friendly interfaces. We particularly love Woo because of it’s WordPress integration. We understand how to best set up shipping and payment gateways so that your site adheres to PCI compliance and we take additional security measures that go above and beyond that.

We will work with you to map your products so that you set up recipes for bundles, product variables, and other options that make it easy for customers to shop for what they want, and you to easily pack and deliver these products quickly.

We will set up your:

  • Payment Gateway (this is a merchant service that processes credit card payments. Some popular payment gateways include, PayPal/Braintree, Stripe, and Square.)
  • Variable sales tax (When states allow cities or counties to add additional sales tax on top of the state tax this can be confusing. We will work through the details with you.)
  • Interface to your Inventory and third-party tracking systems
  • Shipping and tracking using your choice of carrier – UPS, FedEx, or USPS
  • After your site is launched we will continue to work with you to ensure your new ecommerce website design is delivering new customers and an increase in conversions. Often our digital marketing team gets involved at this point.

Our eCommerce Web Design and Development Services Include:

  • Custom e-Commerce Website Design
  • Responsive Shopping Website
  • E-commerce Application Development
  • Custom Plug-In and Module Development
  • E-commerce Cart Development
  • Shopping Cart Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration

eCommerce Shopping Feed Optimization

As eCommerce and online shopping continue to become more competitive than ever, it is critical for retailers who wish to remain relevant and expand their business to list their inventory in comparison shopping engines. E-commerce shopping feed optimization is a learned art rather than a one-time task. How your products are listed and viewed within a shopping engine’s feeds is a direct result of how your shopping feed is optimized.