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The social media world can be a jungle, and it’s easy to get lost trying to understand who your brand should be talking to, what you should be saying, and even how to tell if your social media marketing is working. That is why we are here. We guide you through the whole social media marketing process, training you and creating a custom fail-proof blueprint for Social Media Optimization (SMO) success. Our comprehensive social media management plans outfit your company with a complete customized strategy and the necessary implementation schedule to produce real bottom-line results from the elusive social media world.

Why are Social Media Management Services Important?

Social media has an astounding effect on a business’s online success. The number of people connecting to other people and businesses via social media sites is rapidly expanding. Numerous smart businesses have already jumped on the social media bandwagon because they recognize the opportunities social networking affords. If it hasn’t already, social media will soon become absolutely essential to maintaining competitive parity.

That said, the more your products and services are made available on major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, and more, the greater is your business’s potential for growth and success. Our Social Media management services provide your business with a customized strategy to increase exposure for your products and/or services that will result in a stronger, healthier business.

Social Media Marketing is Measurable, Manageable, and Affordable

As a social media agency, Boomtown Internet Group will work with you to find out who you should be targeting, what platforms you should be employing, and how to effectively market your company, products, and brand. Through research, strategy, and dedicated follow-through, our team of social media experts will develop a plan tailor-fitted to your company’s needs.

Determining Social Media Marketing Goals

Before you get started, determine the reasons your company is looking to advertise on social media. What do you want to get out of it?

  • Developing Short-Term and Long-Term Budgets for Campaigns
    Determining your company’s budgets for immediate and long-term campaigns will help us figure out what strategies to employ throughout each phase of the campaigns.
  • Social Media Marketing Research
    There are many social media platforms available for business marketing. Familiarizing your company with the most popular social platforms will help you make a well-informed decision for your brand.
  • Consistency
    Making sure your advertising has a single, cohesive message is key. Though you may advertise on multiple social media platforms, for example, you may choose Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, each facet of your marketing plan needs to coincide with the rest of your advertising.
  • Testing and Analysis
    Through testing and routine analysis, our team will determine how to make your Social Media Advertising campaign a success.

Create Your Own Social Media Marketing Plan

Facebook Marketing Services- Social Media Agency Philadelphia- Boomtown Internet GroupFacebook Marketing

We set up a professional and custom business profile page, with a custom business URL, and immediately begin promotions and content sharing. Weekly updates and engagement, a custom profile cover image design, fan cultivation within targeted markets, a Blog/RSS tab, events tab, Twitter tab, administer setup, weekly analytics reports and inter-platform promotion is all included.

Optional Features Facebook Marketing:

Twitter Marketing Services- Social Media Agency Philadelphia- Boomtown Internet GroupTwitter Marketing

Twitter is most beneficial to companies with promotions, deals, and frequent news updates. A custom Twitter page is created and weekly Twitter updates and profile managements begin based on your demographics and goals. We get Twitter followers, direct message certain followers, create industry-specific lists, daily Tweet about business promotions or news, and mention and favorite Tweets all in an effort to engage in conversation with the targeted market.

Optional Features Twitter Marketing:

  • Custom Twitter Background & Profile Picture
  • Twitter Ad Campaign & Management

Google+ Marketing Services- Social Media Agency Philadelphia- Boomtown Internet GroupGoogle+ Promotion

Incorporating a G+ page will increase favorable buzz around your brand, and will help your Google search page impressions. We set up a Google+ business profile page and begin promotions within the platform. Setup includes custom banner and profile images, weekly content updates and management, “Circle” development, and post monitoring. We connect with the groups and influential people in your industry and markets that matter for business leads.

Optional Google+ Promotion Features:

  • Monthly Hangouts

LinkedIn Marketing Services- Social Media Agency Philadelphia- Boomtown Internet GroupLinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn remains the largest professional social network today. We set up a professional LinkedIn business page, connect with employees, create all profile content, add all of your products and services with images, add relevant connections, and join market groups. Daily oversight of page for activity, messages and questions, audience engagement and lead analytics are all included.

Optional LinkedIn Marketing Features:

  • LinkedIn Page Creation & Maintenance
  • LinkedIn Ad Campaign Management

YouTube Marketing Services- Social Media Agency Philadelphia- Boomtown Internet GroupYouTube Marketing

We post and share your video on chosen social media platforms and embed the video with your blog where applicable. We distribute brand videos within premium placements across the social web and offer targeted reach to most social audiences through networks of editorial, social, and video sites. All posts include custom SEO-friendly meta tags and meta descriptions to help rankings. We will submit the video to 10 bookmarking sites and online video-sharing sites.

Optional YouTube Promotion Features:

  • Custom Video Production
  • Video Strategy Creation
  • Video Ad Creation & Management

Pinterest Marketing Services- Social Media Agency Philadelphia- Boomtown Internet GroupPinterest Marketing
A custom-designed blog will be created with your specifications to increase linkability to your site. We will program the system to automatically link all blog posts across your chosen social media platforms. All blogs that Boomtown creates will include social bookmark buttons, be professionally written by our team of journalists, help drive momentum on keyword ranking, and be SEO-tagged. Blog posts can be shared on any platform to extend the content reach.

Optional Features:

  • Custom Infographics

Social Media Management, Consulting and Training

Boomtown works with your in-house team and employees to develop and deploy a custom and effective strategy for any platform, no matter what stage it is in. We can provide you with an action-oriented assessment of your current social media presence and review your competitors to help you manage your online engagement. We custom tailor monthly or weekly review sessions with our social media managers to help you reach your unique social media goals using your current staff, whether building the foundation or helping execute during any stage of your social media campaign.

Optional Features:

  • SMO Consulting & Training: Per Hour Basis

Social Conversation Management

We search the content on the Internet for questions and discussions related to your product/market. We use a few services that are built as a social network where people can ask questions and professionals can contribute answers. The platforms we use have popularity among the influential set, positive blog coverage and mainstream mentions making them a go-to source for professional companies looking to get more leads.

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