Google Analytics Consulting & Reporting

Our team is comprised of Google Analytics Certified marketing consultants that can ensure proper setup of your Google Analytics (GA) account with your site. Setting up GA is just the first step. Our team will create the account and ensure the proper code is uploaded to each page of your site. This is incredibly important in measuring the success of all online marketing campaigns as we’ll be able to see how visitors are finding your site and interacting with it.  We are experts in Universal GA, Tag Manager setup, and custom reporting.

The next step is custom reporting with Google Analytics. Once GA has been set up correctly on your site, we can provide you with the data you need to determine the return on investment of our partnership. We can report on organic traffic, referral traffic, overall traffic, etc. We’ll also have the ability to track the success of specific campaigns, such as email marketing and advertisements on 3rd party websites, using Tag Manager.

ga-logoGoogle Analytics becomes an increasingly important factor in evolving our online marketing strategies. We can use it to tweak the page’s content to make it more compelling and increase time spent on a page. We can also see useful keyword data. Perhaps a blog post is receiving many visits for a longer keyword that was not in your original plans. This opens up opportunities to explore new variations of keywords as users’ search habits evolve. On the other hand, we can also identify keyword targets that are not converting as well as originally expected, and either improve those pages or choose new keywords. We can set up A/B testing easily through Tag Manager, and improve usability metrics on the site.

Google Tag manager minimizes the code deployed on websites and in apps, improving load time, and providing you with a dashboard and area that allows for editing tags without making code changes on the site or app.  This is essential for complex marketing campaigns involving multiple media that all need to be tagged and monitored.

Analytics is also especially useful for tracking online conversions and transactions. Our team is happy to set up goal tracking so you can know exactly how many visitors are signing up for your email newsletter, or viewing a video. With e-commerce tracking, you’ll be able to see what products a user buys and how much they spent. This is incredibly useful in determining ROI and campaign success. If you have a search capability on your site, we can even see what products your visitors are searching for that you may not have available on site, and add them to your inventory.

Google Analytics dashboards are helpful for users that want to get an idea of a specific metric without needing to dig through the abundance of options in GA. Our team can create dashboards for you to log in and see your most important data metrics without you needing to be an expert yourself.

Find out if our experts in GA can help you set up universal analytics, tag manager, or troubleshoot analytics reporting problems.