Affiliate Marketing Management Services

We work in two ways for our affiliate marketing customers. Some customers want us to help them establish and manage affiliate programs, which are external to their shopping carts. These are through programs like Pepperjam and Share a Sale. Other customers prefer to manage their affiliate programs through their own websites. In this case, we can add affiliate management software, or customize your cart, to accommodate the affiliate program you desire. Our Successful Affiliate Program Includes 5 Important Components:

  • Recruiting: We’ll spend 2-4 hours per month locating potential affiliates, contacting them, and following up. This includes affiliate forums, promotional postings, and a customized affiliate program sign-up page. Clients can request special holiday, product promotion, and/or lead generation affiliate landing pages.
  • Training: We will create 1 monthly newsletter to teach your affiliates about affiliate/online marketing, which we will publish in your affiliate center, and e-mail to your affiliates. Training also entails an initial tutorial for your affiliates, which includes SEO- and PPC-approved keyword lists for your affiliates, and a customized training document for your program to help your affiliates improve conversions and click-through rates, and market your program.
  • Motivating: We’ll spend 2 hours monthly contacting current affiliates that are performing well, or have potential, notifying them of coupons and specials, and explaining new e-mail and advertising promotions. 3 monthly e-mails are sent to your affiliates, which include announcements, promotions and tools designed to get them to take action. You have assurance that all affiliate e-mails and questions will be responded to within 24 hours.
  • Tools: We will create 2 monthly promotional tools (professionally written ad text, articles, graphics etc.), which we will load to your affiliate center. We also provide a complete analysis and statistics reporting of the affiliate program.
  • Promotion: We work closely with your advertising agency to incorporate any product launches or specific promotional tools. We also have a shared calendar, which will be used to keep track of all promotions and events.

Customer Requirements

  • Completion of an initial questionnaire — so we can work with you to make the best plan for your affiliate program.
  • An affiliate system and website marketing plan already in place. Our package is meant to compliment your existing traffic generation and marketing strategies – not to replace them.
  • Provide details of any product launches and any other specific promotional tools needed at the beginning of your monthly cycle. If there are no specifics, we’ll create a plan based on current products.
  • Permission to give out products directly to potential and current affiliates where appropriate.
  • Access to affiliate records, affiliate center, statistics, autoresponders, etc. Customers also need to set aside a monthly meeting time to strategize and review the program.

Pricing: Because affiliate management is such an individual experience, we recommend that you call 888.454.3330 or click here for pricing!