Local SEO Services & Search Marketing Plan

Local searches impact a large number of daily searches. In fact, more than 50% of mobile searches have local intent and 50% of all search is mobile, according to 2015 data.

Additionally, the mobile web has a great impact on local SEO services for businesses as well. Because of the portability and convenience of phones, tablets, and other mobile devices, the breakdown of searches that include local intent conducted on a mobile device can often be as high as 40%.

While local SEO is a very complex concept, if done correctly, this can place your website on the first page within Google’s local search results. Through Boomtown’s local SEO services, we offer businesses quick and effective ways to get your local business to the top of local search engine pages.


The first step in our plan to make your local marketing campaign a success, is to research your website’s local impact. We want to check to see how your targeted keywords are triggering the local algorithms.


One of the most crucial aspect for a localized internet marketing plan is to figure out where exactly Google has determined your website is located geographically. Obviously, the more situated you are within your target city, the easier it will be to rank. This is due to Google’s local algorithm having a preference towards businesses located within a city’s geographical boundaries. The algorithm currently in-place typically provides businesses located within the downtown area of the targeted city, the highest rankings.

Reverse Engineering

By teaming with Boomtown, we can figure out how your competition is ranking in local search. Through this process we will be able to determine the specifics on how to begin ranking in your geographical location. Once we know a set target and strategy, the next step is promotion. Through a variety of customer reviews, local linking, community outreach, citation consistency as well as other ranking factors, we can design specific measurable benchmarks for your local plan.

Cleaning up Directory Listings

Local ranking improves by getting the business listed on relevant, top local directories. While strong starting points like Yelp and Google Places are good, we want to target directories that are localized to both your industry, and your city. The overall objective is to make consistent local directories listings. The two most important aspects here are location to your targeted city and relevance; which is why Boomtown makes sure these factors are priorities when covering directory listings.

In cities like Philadelphia, Local SEO is an aspect of internet marketing that will have a huge impact on businesses in the years to come. As results begin to become more tailored to the end user, local results will become an even more viable commodity. By beginning your local search campaign now, you can make sure you have your company’s next step planned and implemented.

Local SEO Deliverable:

  • Create, claim and optimize local business pages and profiles on G+, Bing local, Google Maps, Yelp, Mantra, Indeed, Yahoo Local and other directories
  • Local social media profile optimization. This includes Twitter Business Profile setup, geo-targeted keywords for profiles and Facebook business page set-up
  • Business website landing page creation with interactive map
  • Google Analytics setup and a goal created to show visits
  • Recommend ideas to create positive reviews in local directories
  • Acquiring Google+, Facebook and Twitter followers
  • Extensive keyword research based on geographical location and focused on top 3 ranking keywords
  • Links to the website targeting ranking keywords
  • Strategy for continuously getting local links
  • Ideas for acquiring testimonials and client reviews
  • Monthly analytics report showing local visitors to the site

Interested in learning more about how to positively impact your localized keywords? Give us a call at 888-454-3330 today to find out how to make your next local internet marketing campaign a success.