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If every time you search for your products, an Amazon listing shows up, it’s time for you to start selling on Amazon too!

Amazon is the #1 e-commerce site with sales accounting for nearly 44% of all U.S. online sales last year, according to Retail Dive. In addition, according to a recent Bloomberg report, nearly 55% of all online shoppers turn to Amazon first for any product search. Not only do consumers begin their product search on Amazon, but they also are ready to purchase products. Therefore, if you are an e-commerce, it is crucial that you’re selling your products through the Amazon ecosystem.

However, Amazon can be a confusing world to navigate on your own. Don’t go it alone! We can help.

As a top Amazon marketing agency, we stay up to date on the latest developments and changes happening with the Amazon platform to ensure that our clients’ products remain highly visible and highly profitable. Let our team help you get your products in front of the right audience and ultimately navigate your way to Amazon success.

Amazon SEO Services from E-Commerce Experts

We work with you to develop a strategic, effective and results-driven methodology.

Our goal is to put your products at the top of Amazon listings and increase sales for your Amazon store.

From creating your product listings to advanced product optimization to advertising on Amazon, we’ve got you covered.

When you partner with Boomtown for Amazon SEO Services, you can expect the latest and best practice strategies for the following essential Amazon services:

Why Boomtown Should Be Your Amazon Marketing Agency

Whether a manufacturer, retailer or distributor, regardless of what your products are, we have the resource and expertise to make your products highly visible and accessible to your ideal audience. Starting with our first conversation to execution and managing your campaigns, our goal is to work with you to deeply understand your brand, products, and consumers. The benefits of our Amazon SEO and marketing services are an essential component to your Amazon store success.

Results of Our Amazon Optimization & Marketing Services

At the beginning of the month, we optimized the Amazon store and product listings for around 10 products of a medical nature for one of our clients. Prior to our involvement, the store was only selling a few small products a week. After our work, at the end of the month, the store completed over 1000 sales with an average sale price of $25. Our next step is to raise some of the product pricing which will impact the number of sales but provide more profitability. The main concern was that the Amazon store would cannibalize the brand – for this reason, we had the client name the store with an alias. When the client fulfills the order, they make sure to add in coupon discounts and links to their shopping cart (not Amazon) in the hope that customers come in using Amazon as a lead generator but actually become loyal customers to the brand name store. This strategy appears to be working.