Internet Marketing Consultant Services

From small local companies to large international firms, an internet marketing strategy is fast becoming a competitive necessity for local business. Local companies can no longer rely on yellow page ads to bring in business. In addition to phones and other mobile device searches, large and small companies are seeing an upsurge in Internet leads. Boomtown’s Internet marketing strategies and consulting services are consistent with Google and Bing guidelines. And a Boomtown Internet marketing consultant will incorporate creative link building ideas and compelling content optimization into your marketing strategy while ensuring search engine friendly website composition.

Strategic Internet Marketing Consulting

Our internet marketing strategy and consulting services can be tailored to fit every marketing budget. The basic strategy starts with a planning session with the person in charge of marketing for your company. During this session, the objective is to discover the target market, the approach to be used, and the unique aspects of the business that sets it apart from your competitors. After this session, competitors, possible keywords and the structure of the website are analyzed to find the niche keywords which will bring in the most targeted visitors. Next, an Internet marketing consultant adds keywords to the website pages and changes the structure of the site to incorporate keywords and search engine friendly coding, if necessary.

In conjunction with all this work, a competitive link building strategy is also put into place. Links are basically referrals from other websites, and search engines place value on links from reputable sources. As Google and other search engines roll out algorithm updates, we make sure to deliver link building strategies compliant with search engine guidelines. This ensures the long-term online success of your business. Universal search is also analyzed to decide if local maps, shopping, video, news and other results are going to play a key role in the search optimization process.

For an Internet marketing strategy or Internet marketing consultation to work, Analytics need to be carefully scrutinized to determine if the efforts are yielding positive results. Boomtown Internet Group benchmarks key metrics, rankings, and analytic data to use as a baseline for monthly reporting. If AdWords and Google Shopping are also being used, the Merchant center is connected to the AdWords account, and all data can be viewed through Google Analytics. Custom reports, goals, and filters may also be included in the Internet marketing strategy.

Depending on the competition, the target marketing, and the company’s marketing budget, Boomtown Internet Group’s Internet Marketing Strategy and Consulting service will be tailored to meet the client’s needs established in the initial consultation. The process continues to work best when the Internet marketing consultant has frequent interchanges and reviews with the company marketing manager about modifying the overall strategy as we go to obtain the best return on the investment of your marketing dollars as the Internet marketing world evolves.