Online Reputation Management Services

Managing your company’s reputation can often be a difficult task in the Internet age. A business’s integrity is highly important, and maintaining it can be hard when faced with a medium where users can post anything they choose. As simple search engine results can often provide a flood of information, it can be challenging to filter said information. In these types of situations, online reputation management is the best course of action.

The best way to do that is to turn to Boomtown Internet group. As experts in online reputation management, our staff will help make sure your business’s integrity is held in the highest regard within the digital world.

With Boomtown Internet Group’s Reputation Management Services, we’ll make certain that your customers only see the legitimacy and truth about your company by eliminating any negative content from your search results such as:

  • Unfair press releases and articles
  • Bias blog posts
  • Over-exaggerated reviews
  • Blatant smear campaigns
  • Rude, inappropriate, or hostile forum comments
  • Out-of-date legal issues

Knowing What is Being Said About Your Business

The Internet is a place of freedom and social evolution. However, that freedom does have its drawbacks, as anyone can post inappropriate content, fake reviews, and rumors online anytime they wish. The problem with negative material is that the longer it’s stays online, the more harm it does. Due to this, Boomtown Internet Group will assist you in identifying problems early on by:

  • Monitoring your reviews
  • Setting up a notification system to alert us when new reviews are published on review sites
  • Analyzing the tone of reviews, and
  • Providing social network alerts