The Power of Email – A Case Study Using an eCommerce Website

Client Email Statistics

In a 2 year period, Boomtown Internet Group employed numerous tactics to grow one of our eCommerce client’s email lists from 10,000 to 60,000. Tactics used included eBook downloads, coupon downloads on social media, rewards points for signing up, and more prominent newsletter opt-in buttons.

Email sales revenue increased 138% in a one year period.

The click-through rate was 7.2% on “blast emails”. The national average click-through rate during this time period was around 4.5%. Click through rates on automated emails increased by 38% to almost 17%, while the national average for these types of emails was around 9.7%.

US Email Statistics from the Epsilon Email Marketing Research Center shows that email marketing is certainly not dead by any means, but that click-through rates were lower in 2012 than 2011, forcing retailers to become more creative in their campaigns.

Content Changes to the Email Format

During analysis, it was found that many more emails were being opened on mobile devices and, for that reason, we redesigned the email format as well. Deals were more targeted and automated emails were revamped to be more personalized.

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