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Content Creation – Google Algorithm’s Teacher’s Pet

Boomtown-Content-CreationContent Creation and the Google Algorithm

Often publicized, even more often scrutinized, Google’s search ranking algorithm is a constantly evolving process of delivering the best search results for the user. It’s a pretty straight forward concept actually; consider Google as a middle school teacher, and the rest of cyberspace as its vast-reaching classroom.

Like any group of students, the internet community pushed the envelope to see what they get away with. At first it was fixing small things, like keyword stuffing content, or tossing loads of meta keywords into a website. Those who tried those tactics were quickly put back in their place. Then there were those who tried teaming with bad-influences to fool Google. You know, the ones who use black-hat tactics to garner results? Google knocked them back down to size in well-publicized ways (*cough* JC Penny *cough*). But just like in the classroom, when the teacher gets savvy to something, the students quickly move on to another tactic.

Content Creation – Teacher’s Pet

The saying “eyes on your own paper” has merit in both the classroom and the online world. In school, if you copied someone else’s work and got caught, the end result would not be pretty. Google has echoed the same sentiment in its most recent additions to their algorithm shifts: Panda and Penguin. With the additions of Panda and Penguin came two new mentalities: original work and quality content.

So What Does This Mean?

Plainly put, if you didn’t create it, it isn’t yours. So if a website is trying to pass off other’s work (content, images etc.) as their own, Google may just lay the smack down on that site.

So Am I Doomed Forever?

Hardly, the beauty of the internet is that everything is always fixable. By working with an internet marketing group like Boomtown Internet Group, we can target any duplicate content on a site, as well as find out if anyone is stealing content from the website.

Then What Happens?

From there, content creation is the name of the game for the site. This content would provide a great new voice, as well as be keyword targeted for SEO purposes. Together, this would replace the pre-existing, duplicate content on the website.

Graduation Never Ends

To round our analogy, class never ends online. Google is always dropping knowledge on the internet community. It is always trying to create a better environment for everyone. With that come changes, all for the better in the long term. Just make sure to keep studying, even if that means getting a tutor for content creation. And above all else, stay out of detention.