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eCommerce Web Design & Development Tips

Online shopping is both easy and convenient, saving customers time and the effort it takes to travel to physical stores, as well the time it takes to shop.  E-commerce websites make it possible for visitors to more frequently and conveniently shop online within the web world.  As our virtual market floods with more and more e-commerce websites, strategic web design has become mandatory for these websites to survive and prosper.  This article discusses practical ways Philadelphia businesses can employ e-commerce web design and web development to increase the chances of creating quality site traffic and generate greater sales.


Philadelphia businesses know there are endless amounts of e-commerce websites available, to the point where customers find it challenging to choose where they’d like to shop.  With the following e-commerce web design strategies, you’ll be able to get a leg up on the competition and understand which e-commerce strategies should be emulated.  The following are successful web design trends and web development strategies.

Useful (and Basic) e-Commerce Web Design Tips:  Philadelphia Web Development


  1. Categorize your products and items properly, so customers can easily find what they’re looking for.  You’ll have to designate which categories and sub categories are appropriate so viewers are exposed to all site essentials and can efficiently navigate around.
  2. Product descriptions are also necessary.  You’ll need to write clear and informative product descriptions, using SEO keywords when necessary for every product on your site.  Viewers like to know what it is they’re buying.
  3. Keep it simple, keep it clear. Very clearly display all price related information next to products to maintain a level of trust with customers.  This means in addition to prices, you’ll need to prominently display discounts, special offers, shipping charges, or any other costs if they exist.
  4. Make it easy for customers to pay. Your e-commerce website shopping cart should support as many payment options as are available, from PayPal, Credit Card, Google Checkout, etc so customers are provided with a variety of payment methods to accommodate the means of checkout they feel most secure with.
  5. Security, assurance, confirmation. Keep in mind to only require the information necessary from customers so potential clients aren’t overwhelmed and lose focus.  Also, your customers will need a payment receipt or confirmation receipt after they’ve gone ahead and made a purchase, so remember to provide one.

Specific e-Commerce Web Design Tips:’s success has come from much testing, retesting, and optimization, and remains the envy of many e-commerce marketers.  We can learn a thing or two from them and apply it to our own website in the process of web design and web development.  Several of these e-commerce web design trends don’t only look great, but they obviously work.

  1. Offer your customers more then one picture to look at, preferably several that can be blown up, zoomed in, and viewed at many different angles.
  2. Set up your ecommerce platform to offer comparison shopping.  This includes recommended products based upon consumer’s previous purchases, related items, or items “frequently bought together”.
  3. Don’t underestimate the power of “big”.  Big is a popular web design trend, especially for e-commerce websites.  Modern, clear, and prominent designs are in—big logos, openly displayed coupons, and large images make large impressions.  This strategy also serves as a “call-to-action”.
  4. Open source e-commerce platforms are easy to customize, convey professionalism, make navigation easy, and are easy to implement.  One e-commerce feature is “content sliders”, a very popular web design feature that displays a slideshow result of products/items for easy browsing and customer interaction.  Not only that, they serve as an easy way to manage and display content.  There are many customizable options available—choose one that best suits your product choices and page content.  Walmart, Borders, and Nordstrom make use of these.

Philadelphia businesses, explore your web design and web development options.  Incorporating the aforementioned e-commerce web designs is a sure way to improve user experience and gain a competitive advantage.  Learn more—discuss e-commerce options with a company that specializes in Philadelphia web design and Philadelphia web development.