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Google introduces Google Offer

Google launched Google Offer yesterday. Now the service is available only in Portland, Or. But the Google offers service will be available in New York and the Bay Area shortly. Google says:
Google Offers now displays deals from local businesses in specific cities, from spa treatments to restaurants. These offers are redeemable for discounted services or goods.

Another Online Offer from Google similar to FaceBook Deals & Groupon

Every day a certain numbers of Deals are offered for purchase during a specific timeframe. To get these offers in your city, subscribe to Google Offers at After subscribed, Google will email Deals from Google Offers with daily deals from local businesses. These deals can be purchased right on the spot!
After you purchase a deal, you will receive an email receipt from Google Checkout. To redeem your offer, bring the digital or printed voucher to the local business. The printed voucher will have a redemption code or bar code that will be used when you purchase the discounted goods or services. It’s that simple!

Google Offers
Want to receive deals in other cities? You can subscribe to Google Offers in any city.

  • Visit
  • Click on the Settings link, near the top right of the page.
  • Select Offers settings to view your email preferences.
  • Select the location of your choice from the drop down menu and click Subscribe.
  • You will receive emails for each selected location. You can update or change your email settings at any time.

Note that you’ll never have to pay anything to sign up for Google Offers. You’re only charged when you purchase a Google Offer of the Day.

In the web there are two Major competitors for Google Offers. FaceBook Deals and Groupon. I think Google targeting mainly FaceBook Deals. Previously Google tried to buy Groupon for $6 billion, and Groupon was rejected there offer.

Now the main question is this something which will be merged with Local Listing or Google Boosts? Let’s tune up time will answer this question.