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Insightful and Informative Custom Infographic Design

Infographics are becoming a larger part of a user’s everyday online experience. Engaging, influential, and enlightening, an infographic is a tool that provides powerful, hard-hitting, aggregated data for your base of potential and current customers.

Boomtown Internet Group understands that providing this information in an easy-to-read, accessible way enhances the impact of what is being presented. That is the mind-set our talented and experienced infographic design team takes into account at the start of each and every design process for an infographic. Powerful, informative, and impressive – that is the goal.

Informational Graphics Benefits

Communicating data with customers is not a new concept; it’s at the core of every business. However, most people respond to visuals. In fact, recent studies have stated that more than half of the poeple in the United States are now considered visual learners. Graphics are easier to digest, make for a more enjoyable and eye-catching reading experience, and often help the viewer retain the information better. So by illustrating the data with an informational graphic, your company can easily and effectively convey information that viewers can connect with. By promoting your informational graphic on additional websites, your infographic will help enhance:

  • Web traffic, including referral and social sites
  • Overall company, brand, and industry awareness
  • Backlink SEO profile
  • Sales and Returns on Investment
  • Customer brand loyalty


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Through in-depth research, our Internet marketing team will work to provide the statistics and data that your key demographics are most interested in. The accurate and extensive research data is then compiled and paired with powerful images. The final result is an infographic that produces a combination of insightful information and eye-catching imagery.

How to Best Utilize an Infographic

Due to their versatility, informational graphics can be used in a variety of ways. For example, an infographic can be used for social media promotion, as a web page on a preexisting website, or as its own microsite or landing page. Regardless of how you are interested in harnessing its power, we at Boomtown Internet Group are here to help make it a success.

Promoting Your Infographic

By harnessing the efforts of our experienced Internet marketers, your infographic will be promoted in the premier industry settings to make sure it connects with the right individuals. Through a combination of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization, our Internet marketing team will create a plan to get your infographic in front of those who are influential in your field. As a result of promotion, and due to their eye-catching nature, many websites within your industry may chose to promote your infographic findings on their sites or blogs. This not only helps promote your company as an authority within your industry, and as a source for the latest news, but also produces brand awareness.

As data visualization becomes more popular, so too will the demand for more infographics. These graphics are a smart and effective way to separate your company from the rest of your industry, and position your company as a leading voice.

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