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SEO for eBook Creation and Promotion

eBook marketing is a fantastic way to promote products, services, and share knowledge with the online community, and a worthwhile addition to any marketing strategy.  A well-written eBook can serve as trusted informational source for online potential customers—your website and company can benefit from creating and offering one for free.

It’s beneficial to create and market a free eBook for online customers—personal injury lawyers, for example, offer services in a highly competitive online niche.  With no way of knowing how good competitor services are, customers have a difficult time choosing between lawyers.  The eBook is also useful in a highly competitive niche where customers don’t care whose products to buy.  eBooks are a great way to distinguish yourself from competitors by providing helpful information about your product or service, useful for customers, and great way to demonstrate expertise in your field.  As a personal injury lawyer, it’s worthwhile to create a free eBook resource for your customers and make it readily available; customers are more likely to contact you for further information, purchase your product, or share the information with others—you’ll gain advantage over competitors and demonstrate expertise in your niche.  eBooks make clear that you have an extensive knowledge of the law and offer real world information that consumers need to know and are looking for.

One personal injury attorney in Philadelphia, Carpey Law experienced success after writing two very helpful eBooks titled “The 10 Biggest Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Pennsylvania Accident Case” and “Purchasing Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania”.  He also chose to create a print version of the eBook, and distribute it publicly to bring visitors to the site.  Both of these eBooks have proved to be very popular.

As a leading SEO company in Philadelphia, we know how to create an effective eBook and how best to utilize it to promote and drive traffic to a website.  Before creating an eBook for your customers, first decide what kind of eBook to create—a HTML or PDF eBook, and find a simple eBook tutorial to follow.  You may choose to create a simple eBook in Microsoft Word and then use a free PDF converter to create the eBook, preserving all links, or seek help from a Philadelphia SEO company who can use InDesign for a unique and professional look, and help optimize your ebook during its creation.  Your Philadelphia SEO company can also show you the real advantage of eBook marketing—getting traffic for it by submitting to free eBook directories and other places online.

Important eBook SEO Techniques:  eBook Creation and Promotion


Keywords: After choosing your eBook topic, research and find out what common keywords people will use when looking for your eBook or website.  A Philadelphia SEO company can help you choose which keywords are the most popular—they’ll need to be incorporated into the eBook text, and also used on the website page you create for its promotion.  A good rule of eBook SEO is to avoid overusing the keywords you’ve chosen and keep your content meaningful—3% – 5% keyword density is best.

Title: Pay careful attention to the title of your eBook—choose a title (with appropriate keywords) that are most relevant to the topic of your eBook.  If you’re writing an eBook to promote a brand new website, you may wish to include the website URL in the title.

Links: It’s a great idea to include relevant links in your eBook.  Link to products offered, your website, etc… You’ll also want to promote your eBook on message boards, discussions, forums, ezines, social networking sites (on topics related to your eBook, with an included backlink to your website on every post.  Backlinks are an important SEO tool, and crucial for driving relevant traffic to your website.  Your SEO company in Philadelphia can help promote your ebook to directories, social sites, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other relevant places online—your Philadelphia SEO company will take their Alexa Rank into consideration.

Sales Page for Your eBook: It’s important to create a new web page for your eBook, a well-designed page with plenty of information about the book.  This includes its features, benefits to readers, and testimonials from customers for credibility.

Using Your eBook to Build a Mailing List: If you don’t have a monthly newsletter or mailing list, start one—a newsletter is a simple way to keep your brand, message, or service in front of your audience on a regular bases, as well as build trust and offer quality information.  Offer your eBook as a reward for visitors who join your mailing list or sign up for your newsletter.

eBook marketing is a great strategy to increase your business—versatile, portable, and convenient, ebooks are an instant access way  to provide potential customers with what they’re looking for, and tell them more about yourself and your company.  Add links to your website and promote various products in the pages of your book—provide value for your readers and prompt them to pick up the phone and call you, email, or visit your website for more information.  A great marketing tool for any business or online company, contact a Philadelphia SEO company to include an eBook internet marketing strategy into your advertising plans, and reap the rewards.