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Tumblr VS. Meetme

Which Site Is Better For Promotions – Tumblr or Meetme?

With a vast amount of social networking sites floating around, it can be hard to digest and get used to more than one. Now that people are checking their Facebook’s by the hour, that site is easily one of the top social networking websites as of yet. In the running are Tumblr and Meetme, two very different websites with the same demographic.

On Tumblr, you can post your own images, writing, and music as well as follow blogs that are relevant to your interests, and reblog posts others have posted.  One of the best things about Tumblr is that you can completely customize your profile and it’s completely free. If you’re familiar with HTML and CSS, they even have an ‘advanced’ section so you can completely make your own layout! This website can used very easily to promote your visual work and its perfect if you’re a photographer, model, fashion designer, musician and even a poet in the making!


Tips for getting noticed on Tumblr:

  • Use hash tags to find blogs relevant to your work then follow them
  • Get them to notice your blog by messaging them, liking and replying to their posts (interaction is key when trying to get noticed)
  • Post your images or writing and insert credit (your name/website)
  • The more people you follow, the more people that will check out your blog and the more people will see your work
  • Insert hash tags of your own so people can find you



Cool features within Tumblr:

  • You can create sub-blogs (easy management if you have more than one idea for a blog)
  • You can use websites like to track where your visitors come from, what they click, and even how long they spent on your blog. This comes in handy when you want to see what post is popular.
  • Going on vacation without the computer but don’t want to lose the interest of your followers? No problem! You can schedule posts to automatically post when you want them to.


What to keep an eye out for on Tumblr:

  • Anonymous spam bots and online bullies. (I’ve seen this happen multiple times and suggest shutting off anonymous questions.)
  • If you’re a photographer or model, sometimes others save pictures and repost as their own to gain notoriety with “notes”. (Notes are how many people have liked or re-blogged a certain post). They can also easily remove credit. I encourage you to put your watermark on everything.


Fun Facts

  • There are Tumblr “meetups” (ages range from 13-25) in major cities every month where blog users hang out in public and promote each other. *Great for networking with your work/company*
  • Tumblr sends out “Meetup kits” where you all get sticker nametags.
  • There is over 33 million Tumblr accounts. Are you one of them? was originally created by a brother-sister high school duo. Although there are many profile promotion options, it’s probably not the best website to promote your work because it’s often filled with spam messages from bots, making users often overlook any type of self-promotion. It’s a very busy website and even busier when you scroll down into your newsfeed. (Your can filter your newsfeed to see people who aren’t on your friends list, as well as gender and age specific ranges.) However, companies may want to consider well-placed ad promotions (spotlight promotions) or the use of the site to cull new design, writer or other staff talent or ask questions to the community (perfect for brand conversation management or surveys).

Meetme includes a virtual economy where members earn and spend “Lunch Money,” their version of virtual currency. Lunch Money enables the purchasing of gifts which members can send to each other. Lunch Money can also be donated by members to their favorite charity through the Causes application so non-profits would do well to think of a partnership with this site.



How is Meetme cool?

  • You can ask questions to an unlimited number of community members
  • With credits (they’re free, all you have to do is watch videos), you can add yourself to the top of the page into SPOTLIGHT and be seen by millions of users! (Surprisingly, this doesn’t help if you’re trying to promote yourself. It’s mainly for profile popularity.)
  • You can monitor your popularity on the site. This is measured by how many people interact with you and view your profile.
  • Spotlight ads put your brand where the young demographic is active

What to watch out for on Meetme:

  • If you’re a female and you post a photo of yourself, get ready for a plethora of messages from locals! It’s not hard for a lady to get noticed on here.
  • Spammers! From experience, having anonymous checked OFF on your “ask me” box is a great way to keep spammy bots away.
  • Be careful. This is a MAJOR tip. This website is made to get users to meet each other. You never truly know someone, so be cautious.

Fun fact: used to be It was mainly for interacting with local high school students but quickly turned into a form of a dating website.


How are you using these sites?