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15 Sites Successful Online Marketers Don’t Want You To Know About


You want the best customized blog topics at your fingertips, topics that will get you retweeted. You want to make sure no one is stealing any content from your site. You want free, beautiful images to use on your web page. You want a way to search all Twitter lists, make a gorgeous G+ banner without a design team and you want to share any thing you find on the Internet to Facebook immediately.


They tell you there’s no easy way to do that. There’s no way to get everything you want where and when you want it. I mean, if there was then everyone would be doing it and working at 100%, wouldn’t they? But they are wrong. And we are working at 100%. Here’s how.



InterrogationMake Video Tutorials
Screenr will record movies of your desktop and send them straight to YouTube.



DownloadRSS Feeds Two Ways
Get gorgeously organized RSS feeds as an email newsletter in your inbox with Feedmyinbox. I use Snackr to get a constant scrolling news feed (like stocks) along the bottom of my desktop all day because it makes me nervous and then I work faster.


DollarFree Stock Images That Make The Cut
Use to download professional-grade stock images absolutely free.



Automate Your Daily Online Tasks
With Ifttt (which stands for “if this then that”) you can create a customized reaction between social platforms based on any action, even your texts, Instagram and Foursquare for those personal breaks. Sorry, no Google+ yet.


BlogGet Usable and Timely Content
Don’t let the horribly un-designed Drudge Report scare you away; you can use this to find great content no other marketers are posting (they prefer pretty popular sites like Alltop from Guy Kawasaki). Our best tip we have for you is that the search bar for Drudge is at the bottom right part of the site.


Dabble in SEO
Research any website from the SEO perspective with WooRank.



Arobase1Do Business Things
Hellofax allows users to eliminate the need for printing, scanning and faxing documents that need signatures. That’ll make handling permission forms and legal documents much easier.


GuillemetsFind The People You Should Tweet To
Find lists and important people to follow in your market with Listorious (doesn’t hurt to submit your own Twitter account).



QBookmarlets on Steroids
 is an application that allows you to run basic searches, complete various tasks and access all your bookmarks (across various browsers), all in one convenient place.




Check For Plagiarized Site Copy
Use Copyscape to find who is stealing your copy and (yikes) sometimes even design!



DroiteCreate Content For The Most Shares
Without teaching you the basics of journalism, a shortcut to creating something people care about is to include those people. Create your own digital newspaper featuring Twitter lists, specific keywords, users and RSS feeds with



GCustomize your Google+ Banner
Get a banner that looks like you know what you’re doing with GplusBanner, which will stitch together parts of a larger image.



And when all else fails, and you just don’t have the time or energy to repost content, download Kenny Chesney’s new album or find local interns, there’s Fiverr where you can hire people to do most any little thing for $5.

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