Will The New Google+ Finally Resonate with Users?

In June 2011, Google launched what was their fourth attempt at a social network, Google+. Since then, Google+ has spent years looking for its place on the Internet. Over the last few years, Google+ has devoted its time to studying how users interact with G+. Yesterday, Google announced that they believe they have found true identity and new focus of G+: interests. However, there is no scrapping of any G+ features completely but rather a full site redesign, focusing on the aspects that are performing well. Starting yesterday, you can now opt-in to the new interest focused G+ design and experience.

The Google+ team took a “road trip” to talk to the most avid users of the network in order to figure out what exactly they’d like to get out of the site. They discovered that the two features that stood out the most were Communities and Collections. “We’re starting to introduce a fully redesigned Google+ that puts Communities and Collections front and center,” said Eddie Kessler director of streams in a blog post.


Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 9.54.36 AM


Launched in late 2012, communities is a venue for users to connect, discuss, post and discover content around interests and topics that they are passionate about. Averaging around 1.2 million new user daily, Google recognizes that communities is an important feature of G+. Similarly, Google+ Collections is a way to group posts relating to a specific topic. Launched in May of this year, Collections is also a fast growing feature of Google+. Although these two features have existed on Google+ for some time, they will now be at the forefront of the network in what some are calling a Facebook meets Pinterest way.


Google+ Collections


In an attempt to resurrect G+, the new mobile-friendly and simpler network hopes to create a place where people are able to spend their time-sharing and discovering content around things that they love. The focus of Google+ isn’t the only aspect that is changing. The home stream also received a big redesign. It will not only load much faster, but also makes it easier for consumers to view relevant content, post their own thoughts, and connect with new people throughout the globe.


Google+ Update


Whether on a big or small screen, Andriod or iOS, a G+ new design provides a more consistent experience across any platform. You can now preview the new Google+. When you sign in to the network, click the “Let’s go” button on the prompt. Google notes that since all the new features have not been rolled out into the updated version yet, you have the ability to switch back to the older version. Mobile updates are expected to be rolling out within the next couple days. For more information, check out the official Google’s blog post.

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