Boosting eCommerce Sales with Social Media

A well-known B2B and B2C manufacturer of dance shoes and dancewear hired Boomtown IG’s digital marketing in an effort to boost eCommerce sales using social media.  The specific social focus was to grow their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts and create more engagement on these channels because data showed that engaged social clients resulted in increased sales. The brand has been in business for over 120 years and has had celebrities like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and others support them by wearing their dancewear products.

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The brand understood that their products were visual and best promoted with lifestyle photos on image-sharing platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. We used this mutual understanding as to the springboard for the rest of our social media strategy.

Increasing Engagement on Pinterest

Within the first 60 days of managing their Pinterest account, Boomtown IG’s efforts produced an average 30% increase in their audience and engagement metrics. The chart below compares data from the first 60 days after Boomtown took over with the previous 60 days.

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In the month of December 2019 alone, Boomtown IG’s efforts produced an average 27% increase in their audience and engagement metrics as compared to the month of November 2019.  This is especially important because it coincided with holiday sales promotions. 

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Increasing Engagement on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Similarly, Boomtown IG grew engagement across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram within the first 60 days of managing their accounts, increasing post reactions, shares, and comments.

Boomtown IG grew total engagements on Facebook by 400% compared to the previous 60 days of performance; on Twitter, by over 500%; and on Instagram, by over 160%.

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Growing Social Media Account Followers & Fans

From August 2019 to April 2020, Boomtown IG grew the client’s number of Facebook followers by 1.7k, averaging about 188 new followers a month; and Instagram followers by 12k, averaging about 1300 new followers a month. 

Gains were largest on their Facebook and Instagram accounts, the platforms wherein their brand messaging was best communicated.

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Boomtown IG’s efforts over the winter holiday season of 2019 produced significant wins in the client’s social media platforms with increases in followers, fans, and engagements as compared to the progress the client made on their own during the winter holiday season of 2020. Regarding increases in followers specifically, Twitter remains the exception.

Screen Shot 2021 06 03 At 2.33.23 Pm
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Measuring Social Media Success

Boomtown IG used followers, posts, engagements, and engagements per post as metrics to determine and track the success of our social media efforts. 

The final results of Boomtown IG’s social media efforts between September 1, 2019, and January 31, 2020, as compared to the client’s own efforts throughout the same time period of the previous year are seen in the client’s Google Analytics data below.

Screen Shot 2021 06 03 At 2.39.40 Pm

While social media should remain a medium of conversation and interaction between company and consumer, Boomtown IG still accomplished the long-term goal of increasing revenue from social media by properly measuring and tracking social media success using the right metrics and keeping consumer interaction and conversation at the center of our social media strategy.

Three Reasons Why Social Media Is Important for Business

People love following their favorite brands and businesses on social media. By amassing a loyal following of customers on your social media accounts, all it can take is a simple, free post about your latest sale, product, discount, or offer to start generating more sales.  And while you might think this is too self-promoting, it is actually why your followers have chosen to interact with your brand.

Creating a presence on social media allows you to share knowledge, tips, and tricks about your business and industry with others who might be looking for that same information. Do this for long enough and your brand can become a topical authority on your industry.

Social media allows you to start a conversation you think is worth having around your brand and/or its industry. Want to effect some industry change? Want to let like-minded people know what you think about a certain topic? Social media is the place to be.

Start Increasing Your Business’s Followers and Revenue with Social Media

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