How Facebook Can Grow Your Social Profile, Newsletter Sign Up List and Grow Revenue

How can you use Social Media to grow your business socially, increase your contact list, and bring in more sales while targeting the demographics that best define your customer base?

Facebook offers advertising that can target specific demographics by age, gender, education, relationship status, geography, and interest groups. These Ads can be directed to specific pages of your Facebook Profile. The FB landing page can then be directed to your website. In this Case Study, we ran a FB Ad for a free product once the person “liked” our FB page. After liking the page, they were directed to the client website to add the product to their cart where Newsletter sign up was automatically included unless they opted out.

Over a 30 day period and a spend of approximately $1,200, the Facebook Ad Campaign produced 1,293 Likes, 330 visits to the website, approximately 116 Newsletter Sign Ups. In addition to receiving the Free Product, customers purchased additional items producing $5,381.17 in Revenue.

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