How We Increased Google Shopping Ads Revenue by 243%

Boomtown Internet Group saw an opportunity to make a substantial improvement to one of our clients’ Google Shopping Ad campaigns. Boomtown began by outlining a specific plan for improving the revenue according to Google Shopping Ad’s best practices.

Industry: E-Commerce Medical Equipment Reseller

This client had been running Google shopping ads for some time, and while they were receiving clicks and ultimately conversions, their monthly revenue was almost the same as their shopping spend.  Obviously, this was not generating enough revenue. Our first reaction was to look into any potential errors within their Google Merchant Center, but we found no errors. We knew we would have to really delve into the data to find a solution.

  • Increase Shopping Ad sales by 25% while keeping spend at a minimum
  • Improve CTR
  • Improve Visibility and Relevant Clicks

Date Range: May 1, 2015, to April 30, 2016

We started by working on the product feed. To improve the performance of the ads and increase revenue, we focused on the following aspects:

  • First, we made sure that the product feed was properly setup and reflecting correctly within the Adwords campaign.
  • Re-categorized and broke down the products into more specific product groups
  • Adjusted the CPC to reflect the value of the products.
  • Re-optimized the product pages with more relevant and updated content to give users and the product feed a better understanding of the product. In addition, this created stronger landing pages.
  • Finally, kept a close eye on the search terms to eliminate any irrelevant clicks.

In just one year, we were able to increase our client’s Google Shopping Ads revenue by 243% while increasing their spend by only 32%, which drastically exceeded our original goal of 25%. In addition, we increased clicks by 90.52%, sessions by 148.96% and transactions by 232.79%.

Date Range: May 1, 2016, to April 30, 2017, compared to May 1, 2015, to April 30, 2016

No Google Shopping Ad Campaign or Adwords campaign, in general, is truly stable enough to run on its own. Google ads require daily management, brainstorming, and monitoring of competitors. The success of this Google Shopping campaign is truly demonstrative of our work ethic and commitment to our client’s success.

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