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2011 SEO eBook on Amazon By Boomtown Internet Group

2011 SEO dBook Available on Amazon

Boomtown Internet Group has finally finished our 2011 SEO eBook and made it available here:  2011 SEO eBook

Boomtown EbookThis ebook presents a general outline of some of the SEO practices utilized at Boomtown Internet Group. The staff at Boomtown Internet Group has been working with small and medium-sized businesses to increase Internet profits for more than ten years. The basic theory behind a successful website hasn’t really changed in all that time. Sure, the search engines change their algorithms, but if you follow some easy guidelines, your site will always be ahead of the curve.

eBook Topics Covered:

• Keyword Analysis and Competition Analysis
• On-Page Changes to add keyword phrases to your webpage text
• Link Building with these same phrases pointing to your site pages
• Monitoring Results via an analytics program
• Making Changes and doing it all again!

Remember, SEO is an ever-changing process, so please stay tuned for future eBooks.


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