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Basic Tips for Search Engine Optimization in Philadelphia


Part of every businesses growth strategy should be to get your business website as high as possible on Bing and Google search results. SEO, or search engine optimization, is necessary to achieve these results, which translates to more people coming to your site.

While in depth SEO can be quite complex, often coordinated with a firm or specialist who focuses on search engine optimization in Philadelphia, there are a few simple things people can do themselves to raise their search engine rankings.

Monitor your search engine placement.
In order to know how well your efforts are working, use tools like Alexa and the Google toolbar to see where you stand. Track where visitors are coming from and what search terms they are using to get to your site.

Your site should be keyword-rich, in every portion of your site, including titles, URLs, content and even image names or captions. Think of keywords as search terms. Ask what search terms people would use to find this information.

Beware of putting ridiculous numbers of keywords, however, also known as keyword stuffing, for which your site will be penalized for “spamming.” So be strategic, and don’t overlook keywords in the title tag and page header, which are often overlooked in search engine optimization in Philadelphia.

Link to yourself.

Perhaps the most basic strategy for search engine optimization in Philadelphia is including internal links to your site. When creating new content, link to your archives frequently. It’s an effective and easy way to boost your traffic to specific pages. When creating fresh content, make sure to create search engine friendly anchor text. The more relevant the words that point to a page, the more likely it is that when users run a query using those words, your page will appear in the results. As with keywords, don’t do this excessively, which can annoy readers.

Create a site map.

A site should have a site map, which lists pages on your site with links for users to get there fast. It not only makes it easier on users, it makes it easier for spiders to crawl your site. The fewer clicks required to get to a page on your website the better.