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Bing Chat Shows On Microsoft Edge Browsers

Bing Chat Shows on Microsoft Edge Browsers Today

Today (August 26, 2021) we noticed a new feature on Bing search results at the bottom right. You can now chat directly with Bing to quickly narrow your searches and get questions answered. It has the feel of a chat with a real person – except it is exceptionally faster!

We chatted with the new tool and discovered that it favored certain online retailers when asked about where to purchase a product.

Bing Chat Shows On Microsoft Edge Browsers

We asked the bot why it favored certain retailers – specifically suggesting it might be due to prices. The bot wasn’t sure about the price but did narrow down our list of retailers.

Bing Chat Shows On Microsoft Edge Browsers Today

We tried on Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers and were unable to find the chat button to begin the conversation. We know this is in Beta but it has big implications for a much more personal feel to search and the way Bing ranks website pages due to context. We think it might be a part of the new Bing AI tool that rolled out a few weeks ago.

Has anyone else been using this new Bing Search Chat tool?