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Jenna Steven- Boomtown Keyword

Boomtown Keyword: How to Grow An Email List

When most people hear the words “email marketing”, they automatically think spam. While that might be the case, studies show that users are becoming more and more comfortable with email marketing .Email marketing is one of the most important channels for a business to use because you have the ability to continuously get your brand in front of your past and present customers. Email is targeted, effective, consistent and inexpensive.

One of the most important components of a successful email marketing campaign is your email list. A good email list that produces good deliverability and conversions doesn’t happen overnight. So how exactly do you grow your email list? I broke this question down in a simple 4 part answer:

  • First, add a signup form to your website that’s easy to find on your homepage or any relevant landing pages. Make sure your sign up form is noticeable and entices users to want to join. Tell them about the value of being part of your email newsletter, whether that’s because of the exclusive sales, offers, tips or whatever it may be. Consider adding a pop up form. Despite their bad reputation, email up pop form can help you collect hundreds of new emails.
  • Second, offer new subscribers incentives. Encourage users to give you their email address with exclusive offers that they’ll actually want.  Use social media to get your offer out there. Be creative examples of offers are things like free stuff, discount codes, e-books or reward points.
  • My third tip for growing your email list is use your social platforms! Add call to actions sign up buttons or share a link to a signup form on all of your social platforms. This is a simple way to get new subscribers from users who already interact with your brand.
  • My last tip is to cross market. FInd partners to run promotions or be featured in their newsletter. Use these opportunities to collect emails from new potential customers and offer your partner the same.

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