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Jenna Steven- Boomtown Keyword

Boomtown Keyword: How to Keep an Eye on What Your Competitors Are Doing

Healthy competition is good for your business because it helps you motivates you to get better. It’s all about find new opportunities and setting new goals based upon what you aspire to achieve. The benefits of learning from your competition can be almost immediate- you can learn how to make your business stronger and get great ideas to expand your strategy. So, what are the best methods for keeping an eye on your competition? The three tools that I find most useful are:

  1. Google Alerts– They are extremely simple and easy-to-use. You can receive reports right to your inbox everyday, weekly, or whenever you choose. You can set up Google alerts to track a variety of things like every time your competitor is mentioned somewhere whether on social media or through links. You can also use Google alerts to monitor content around specific keywords. It’ completely up to you what you want to track.
  2. Ahrefs- Ahrefs is a great tool that can be used for a variety of things. When its comes to finding out information about your competitors, with ahrefs you can find everything for their top content to new to even broken external links. One of my favorite features of Ahrefs is the link intersect tool, which shows your who’s linking to your competitors that’s not linking to your site.
  3. The third tool I used is Moz Open Site Explorer. This is one of the most popular tools available. Similar to Ahrefs, you can tracks your competitors link-building strategy and compare link data

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