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Content is a Website's Best Friend


We don’t know if there is anyone out there who will argue with the fact that producing unique content on your webpage is one the biggest assets you can have, and in the area of SEO high quality material is increasingly becoming crucial now more than ever. In this post we will describe to you all how the worlds #1 search engine – Google is changing web content through their most recent updates: Panda 3.5 and Penguin, and how you should adjust your website accordingly.

It’s All Here in Black and White

SEO is a dog eat dog world and its techniques are classified into two categories: White hat SEO and Black hat SEO. White hat SEO are techniques approved by search engines and conform to their guidelines. Web pages that employ white hat SEO provide credible and unique information for the user and don’t exercise deception to gain high search engine rankings. Black hat SEO, on the other hand, does the opposite. Web pages that used black hat SEO improve their search engine rankings by tricking the algorithms through methods of deception and in ways search engines disapprove of. Google has taken steps in the form of Panda and Penguin to target black hat SEOs and eradicate them from their search engine. Here is a brief insight on the purpose of these updates:

Panda 3.5: Last month Google released Panda 3.5, an update to their Panda algorithm which is designed to filter low quality or “thin” content from its top search results.

Penguin: Google’s latest algorithm created to better catch people who spam its search results or purposely do things to rank better that are against Google’s publishers’ guidelines.

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

The ugly truth is that nothing in this world is perfect, especially not Google. These updates may be targeted at black hat SEOs but it affects both black hats and white hats alike. You may have a legitimate website but still get hit by Panda and Penguin; for where we see many shades of grey, Google sees only black and white.

The Good

You need to build fresh, valuable content for your site. This is the key. Take the time to sit down and create things people will find value in.

–        Write a how-to guide

–        Create a buying guide for  your most popular product categories

–        Create video reviews of your product

–        Stay active in social media i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Google +

–        Develop infographics

–        Write weekly press releases

–        Jump start a corporate blog and maintain it

–        Build microsites

–        Fashion new landing pages

These are the type of things Google is looking for: sincere, genuine information that can be passed on to the public.

The Bad

Relationships are “give and take” processes, and a relationship with Google is no exception. Unique content on your web page is fine and dandy, but you can’t expect Google to give you high rankings without it taking something in return. CEASE ALL PAID LINK BUILDING CAMPAIGNS.  This may seem a bit drastic but at this point in time paid link building is risky business. These are spam triggers and major red flags for Google, especially if the bulk of your links are exact match anchor links.

Remember, the goal here is to build attention to your brand, not non-branded keywords. Hold back the urge to stuff your website with keywords. Focus more on your content generating its own links by promoting it and encouraging your visitors to share it with others. Whether you like it or not, content on the web is changing. Google’s Panda and Penguin are cracking down on spam and thin content to encouraging more ethical SEO practices. So look sharp because we here at Boomtown IG know that if you want to win, you have to play the game.  Boomtown IG has already started taking steps towards catering to the new demands set in place by Panda and Penguin. We have begun offering services specifically designed to focus on high quality content and higher quality SEO.


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