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Content Is King

Why Is Content King? Content for Mobile, SEO, and Advertising

Content is everywhere. We, as companies, are told that content is crucial in website SEO, Mobile, Advertising and overall digital marketing success. But, what about it makes writing so important? It is essential to define the concept “content,” and what it means to businesses. Content is information and communication that is presented to the viewer via formats including text, video, and graphics. Content is created and used to attract customers to brands by consistently creating and curating relevant, valuable and digestible information with the intention of changing or enhancing the consumer behavior. And the best result in changing the user’s mind would be to create a conversion (purchasing your product or service).

Content for websites is invaluable for UX and SEO.

It gives your website value by giving users a reason to go to it in the first place. If a site is just a parked domain with no email or actual website associated with it, no one will go to it especially not the company’s target audience. There is a faction of marketers that continue to separate the SEO, the user experience and content. However, all three are closely linked, feeding off of one another.

Yes, as much as SEO needs content, content relies on technical SEO to be found. Think of it this way. Your writer wrote a killer white paper for your company that easily shows the unique sales proposition. Unless you have an easy sitemap for the site visitor to follow, no one will ever know that piece was written. The website needs an easy to follow sitemap for a better UX. Similarly, search bots make a note of ease-of-use sitemaps and give a higher site authority to those that have well-constructed sitemaps.

Content Marketing With SeoSimple On-Page Content Is Best For SEO.

Though SEO is very technical and involves coding and adding snippets for the bots to “read,” additionally it should be applied more broadly is to channel its specific technical endeavors into content marketing. SEO also involves keywords that are strategically placed on pages for search engines to find and index. Once indexed by the bots, the next time there is a search done for that specific keyword phrase that web page will be marked as relevant and come up in the search.

Google bots have become so sophisticated that they not only analyze the number of times the keyword is used on a page. If the keyword is used correctly, if there are more than 250 words on the page, if the URL is relevant, and if the text makes sense (the page does not overuse the keyword), the bots index it as being valuable information. These are just some of the queues bots look for in a correctly optimized web page, which will ultimately lead to higher ranking and more clicks by users searching for that keyword phrase. Remember, it is pointless to write content for a site as a business, if no one will find it.

Relevant, Quality Content Increasing Sales.

Lead conversion is the biggest reason to have great content that is easily digestible for users. Let’s face it, the goal of being found on search engines is to get sales leads and ultimately sales that will support your business growth.

Valuable Content CreationBeginning The Sales Cycle In One Moment:

The sales cycle starts when a user has a micro-moment because they are curious about a topic or product and enter a search to find an answer. Micro-moments are purchase moments, research moments, and discovery moments, to name a few. It is critical for companies to make their content for mobile devices because 91% of mobile users turn to their mobile device for information about initial information about a task, service, or product, according to

Once the users find a resonating search result and click onto the page from the search, they expect useful information. Offering great content solidifies the brand as being credible in the user’s mind. Content provides conversion rates about six times higher than other digital marketing methods, and 68% of people like to spend time reading about the brands they find interesting. Remember, it starts with content that delivers value and can be consumed quickly. Industry trends show that content marketers and teams are putting more emphasis on the importance of content rather than the production quality. Companies need to put less effort into high-level production and more focus on good valuable content.


Using content as a marketing strategy is crucial for companies. Not only does it aid in technical SEO tactics, but it also creates a level of expertise that companies would not have the ability to gain otherwise. The company’s brand authority increases in the industry and is then referenced by other pages and consumers, thus inadvertently increasing the page ranking on the search results. SEO cannot operate without content and content is useless without the implementation of proper SEO. – All this leads to increased site traffic and ultimately, more sales. To find out how to make your site work for you and how to implement great content, contact us at