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eBook Creation Service

Ebook Creation Process:

Ebooks can help you reach millions of potential customers, and build a substantial fan base on Twitter and Facebook. Think of an ebook as an online guide or pamphlet, offering valuable info that potential customers will want to download. Ebooks help get your message out to a wider audience, and help drive traffic to your website. Boomtown can help you every step of the way, helping write, design and sell your ebook.

How it Works: The Boomtown Ebook Creation Process

  1. Writing and Editing: After an initial discussion about the goals for your ebook, we will work out an estimate of time required for writing and editing. We encourage you to provide us a rough copy of your ebook written in Microsoft Word. Our writers will work to add, edit and revise text as you see fit. Once we’ve turned this text over to your team for approval, it’ll go to our designer.
  2. Designing: This is where we add life and color to your ebook! We will work with you to estimate time required. Then, we will use InDesign to create the design for your ebook. The design process involves formatting your text (colors, fonts, links), adding images (stock photos and/or custom graphics), designing a cover page, contact page and table of contents. InDesign allows us to turn your ebook into a PDF that anyone (on any computer) can view. Links within your ebook will be clickable. You can review the process every step of the way, approving stock photos, colors and more.
  3. Formatting for Kindle. At this stage, you will have a beautiful, freshly-designed ebook! Add the PDF to your website as a free download in exchange for a newsletter signup, or promote it on blogs, on Twitter and Facebook to drive traffic to your site. We can also create a Kindle version of your ebook to sell on Amazon. To do this, we convert your ebook to HTML (Kindle formatting), and upload it to the Kindle store. This is an easy way to start making money from your ebook!

Boomtown makes it easy and affordable to create an ebook for your company!