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Q&A: How to Fix a Google My Business Listing


Today I’m going to tackle how to fix a Google My Business listing. Sometimes a Google My Business, formally Google Maps, has an incorrect business name, contact information or address. This can happen after an algorithm update, even when the listing was verified and made perfect. If this happens to your business, Google support is there to help at (866) 2-Google. Provide your client number, which is usually a phone number, choose option 3 and they’ll ask you to verify the email that was used to create the account. If you don’t have that email but you are the business owner, or you have a business account, they will help you. If you can’t provide you this information, they will likely tell you to increase the number of 5 star reviews and increase the information on the listing so it will move up in search. It can be a frustrating process, especially if the business listing was created not with an business address. But stick with it and sometimes Google can resolve your issue in the matter of a few hours, if it’s marked priority.

For more information on Google listings, you can consult Google support online or search our blog, where we have written extensively on this topic.