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How To Format Your Business eBooks for Amazon Kindle – An Easy Guide

Boomtown EbookFollow our simple, easy-to-use guide, and begin formatting your company’s eBooks for Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle format is very basic HTML with a little support for CSS.  For those with little HTML experience, try these steps to format your ebooks for Amazon Kindle:

–       Edit your ebook in Microsoft Word or your word processing program, removing any unnecessary elements. Bullet points, special fonts, headers, and footers will not be transferred.

Layout:  Use indents, bold text, italics and headings.  Avoid fancy fonts, headers, footers and bullet points.

Page Breaks:  To keep your text from running together, click Insert -> Page Break after each chapter.

Images:  Be aware that your images will not show up in color! Unless your reader is using a Kindle app on their smartphone or computer, images show up in shades of grey. Use JPEGs, and center-align them.

Table of Contents:  Use Microsoft Word’s built-in table of contents creator (  Page numbers don’t apply in ebooks, because the user can resize the text and scroll freely.

–       Click File -> Save as Web Page.  This turns your ebook into an HTML file.

–       Download a program to convert the HTML file into a Kindle-supported ebook file (Mobi).  Try

–       Log into your Kindle Direct Publishing account (, and upload your ebook.  Preview to check the formatting, and submit if everything looks right!

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